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Journalist Exposure - UK & Beyond

This is a group for people who have a passion and talent for journalism, to come together, share ideas and get your work published. The group admins have a network of publications/websites which allow journalists to gain exposure, reaching hundreds of thousand and in some cases, millions of people. Many of our network contributors have gone on to secure life-changing careers with the likes of ITV, BBC, Sky, Channel 4 and the Guardian. Our main publications/websites available for people to pitch for are: We often have opportunities to interview celebrities. This opportunity will only be made available to the reliable and regular contributors. By creating this group, we aim to build a community of aspiring journalists who can share ideas, develop skills and make it easier for you to progress in your career.
Ben Farrin
Ben Farrin4 days ago
Let's welcome our new members - 73, in just 2 days!
Don't be shy, if you want to contribute and get your name out there, let's discuss feature ideas. #TravelBlog #StudentBlog #FoodBlog

Alice Norah,
Chinenye Uzoho,
Marcus Racuia Jr.,
Emma Jane Cumming,
Kamilla Kjellesvik Haaland,
Mohit Goswami,
Mairi Sheena Elizabeth,
Callum Moorin,
Justin Walter,
Visme Fernandez,
Arron Pmg,
Anuradha Manjul,
Liliana Monticone,
Trushali Chudasama,
Hannah Matthews,
Matt Conlon,
Sandi Perwira,
Jinpa Smith,
Gabriele Banfi,
Eliza Armand,
Natalia Oldani,
Tamshuk Saha,
Emma Pedley,
Akashdeep Singh,
Sandesh Mavinakuli,
Veidehi Gite,
Kerry Arneil,
Arnav Mathur,
Ash Hey,
Nelson Abela,
Kendra Lewis,
Nicole Soucy,
Wangechi Gitahi,
Maria Downey,
Dominique Esquivel,
Kariss Leigh Ainsworth,
Rahul Prabhakar,
Michael Miklos,
Leanne Scott,
Gwendolyn Therese,
Ashleigh Davies,
Jason Simons,
Alex Caesari,
Chris Reeve,
Cam Howe,
Brendan McVeigh,
Greg Newland,
Steve Tumilty,
Callum Arneil,
Lewis Woollard,
Ryan Craig,
Lucy Rix,
Saj Devshi,
Abiri Zulaikha,
Kate CF,
Aimee Blanchard,
Carys Long,
Rebecca Rayner,
James Jones,
Neela Kumar
Neela Kumar
Neela Kumar shared a Page to the group: Journalist Exposure - UK & Beyond.1 day ago
I wrote for the Student Pocket guide whilst I was still a student and ended up writing ten articles for them ☺️ and now I've just self-published my first fiction book "Atlantic Split" under a pseudonym. It's out today (find the links on my author page) 🇬🇧🇺🇸

Thanks to student pocket guide for helping me get some work published and inspiring me to believe I could publish my book myself ☺️
Ben Farrin
Ben Farrin5 days ago
Group Info, Rules and Promises:

This group has been created to provide its members with a network of magazines/websites for you to access in order to get your work published - we do not allow links to be shared to external blogs not related to Pocket Media Group (PMG).

PMG is made up of 3 sector specific brands:
1. Student Pocket Guide (SPG)
2. Travel Pocket Guide (TPG)
3. Food Pocket Guide (FPG)

Posts requesting link/share swaps etc are considered spam. These comments will not be approved, and by posting them you risk being removed from the group.

We strongly encourage members to share their published content with the group and for fellow members to engage with posts. This is part of the idea - to enable your work to reach more people, and get your name out there!

Celebrity Interview opportunities will occasionally be made available to group members. You stand a higher chance of being selected if you are a frequent and reliable contributor.

Full instructions on how to submit your content are listed below.

Rules may change from time to time.

Submitted Content Rules:
1. Every piece of content submitted must be written by you.
2. You must either own the copyright, or have copyright permission to use any images within your article.
3. Articles must not be derogatory in any way.
4. A maximum of 2 links are allowed per article. Links must be relevant, and not promotional.
5. You may not submit content on behalf of a client or commercial organisation.
6. We do not guarantee to publish every piece of content which is submitted.
7. The contributor who gets the most articles published at the end of each month will be featured on the home page of our website.
8. Visit the brand specific links below to submit content:
Travel Pocket Guide
Travel Pocket Guide shared a link to the group: Journalist Exposure - UK & Beyond.5 days ago
This place looks amazing! Where's your favourite place in the world? #SummerIsComing
Travel Pocket Guide
Swimming Pigs, Exuma Islands | TPG
Gavin Beals spent a few days on the island of Exuma in The Bahamas, and all I can say is WOW! He's been to his fair share of exotic locations, but has never ...
Travel Pocket Guide
Travel Pocket Guide shared a link to the group: Journalist Exposure - UK & Beyond.5 days ago
A brilliant review of Cap Maison by Eva Pineda:
Jack Shannon
Jack Shannon5 days ago
Writing for the SPG has been a great experience.

The best thing about it is that it gives everyone a chance to get published, no matter your previous experience or background. If you've got something interesting to say, then there is a platform of thousands of people to share it with.

The production standards are always high which has helped me build up a great portfolio of articles.

TL:DR? If you've got an idea for a funny/clever article get in touch and they can make the magic happen.