South Africa | TPG

Sunsets to animals Sandrine's heartbeat is always at pace when she steps foot on this motherland! This video outlines all the reasons why you should

Havasupai Falls, Arizona | TPG

Follow Andrew Schuch hiking deep in the Grand Canyon. It requires a 10 mile hike each way to the beautiful Blue Green waterfalls of Havasupai... Fo

The Caribbean | TPG

This whole film was shot over the week cruise Jakob Owens had through The Caribbean. Shot entirely on a Sony A7sii and Canon 1dxmarkii. The Caribbean

Amalfi Coast | TPG

Follow Philip Heuser exploring the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The Amalfi Coast is a 50-kilometre expand of shoreline alongside the southern fringe of Ita

Cornwall | TPG

Covering the furthest South West toe of the UK, Cornwall has a diverse terrain of coast, moors, and countryside. Rohite shot this video in May Bank Ho

A Boys Trip To China | TPG

Last summer Sam and his squad travelled to China! From August 5th to 15th they explored all over the Jiangsu Province: they went to Nanjing, Jiang Zha

Exuma, The Bahamas | TPG

WOW. Jakob Owens travelling Exuma, The Bahamas... Prolonged among the profundities of the North Atlantic and Florida's eastern drift, the Bahamas inc

Sardinia From Above | TPG

Coline explored Sardinia with a DJI Mavic Pro and a GoPro Hero 4! Sardinia is a large Italian island within the Mediterranean Sea. It has almost 2,0

Teddy Bear Island, Kenya | TPG

Teddy Bear Island Camp is located on Lake Baringo in the Northern rift valley, Kenya. The camp is privately run and activities include bird watching,
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