The UK has a labyrinth of extensive road and rail networks, not to mention the countless airports the country holds. Because of these abundant travel opportunities, Britain is an easy country to move around in. This lends itself perfectly to British travel. But for those who aren’t very experienced in the travel department, it may seem like a daunting prospect. Visions of missing trains, getting stuck with no money, and other general mishaps can put people off altogether. This is why some much needed British travel advice may be valuable, especially for people coming from outside the country. With lockdowns and restrictions easing, the volume of UK tourists will be increasing. With this increase, information about travelling the UK will be needed more and more.

So if you’re thinking about visiting or travelling in the UK, but are unsure of what you need to know, read on…

What You’ll Need – Packing

The UK weather is infamous, so packing accordingly is very important. Skies can go from blue and sunny, to grey and rainy in short periods of time. So, ensuring you’re fully prepared for any event is key. Here are some of the essentials you’ll need for British travel:

Waterproof shoes – Sturdy shoes to keep water out is important. You don’t want to embark on a countryside walk, only to find your shoes are slowly filling up with water.

Warm coats and jumpers – The unpredictable weather means you’ll need to prepare. So make sure layers of warm clothes are at hand, just in case!

T-Shirts – Once again, preparation is key. If the weather turns, and glorious sunshine descends, you’ll want light layers to ensure overheating isn’t a problem.

Hat, Scarf and Gloves – Visiting the UK in the winter, many are surprised by how cold it actually gets. Bringing a nice and warm hat, scarf and gloves will protect you from the elements.

Hopefully this travel advice keeps you wrapped up warm in the UK. Keep reading to find out what you’ll need to know once you’ve begun your travels.warm clothes

Now You’re There

So you’ve arrived in Britain, or starting to leave your hometown for an adventure. But you’re wondering, how am I going to get where I want to go? There’s plenty of trains and buses, but you’re not sure which to get on. This is where the internet and planning come in handy…

Trains – Virtually every town in the UK has a rail station, but it can be tough to know which platform and train to use. Apps and websites such as Trainline are an invaluable resource in situations like this. Simply input your location, and where you’re heading to, and search! All available trains and times will be at your fingertips, plus it’ll let you know which platform you’ll need. Tickets can be bought on the app so no need to worry about finding the ticket box. Simply pay and jump on the train!

Buses – Similar to finding trains, buses can be caught just as easily. Most bus companies have online platforms for tickets and times. Just search the company, input where you’re going and where you are, and catch the bus! Bus routes tend to keep in the boundaries of their towns and cities. So if you’re looking to travel further afield, a train may be the best course of action.

Some more British travel advice – times for trains and buses can vary on Sundays. Ensure you’ve double checked any times, just to make sure you won’t be train station

Events and Attractions

The UK’s towns and cities are hubs for different events and attractions. Whether you’re into outdoorsy pursuits, like hiking or diving. Or prefer a more laidback approach like markets and fayres. British travel has something for everyone. Its finding out the ‘what’s’ and ‘where’s’ that’s the issue. Well it just so happens it may be easier than you think.

Social Media – One of the best tools at our disposal for finding out local things to do is social media. A quick search for events on Facebook for a certain area, and you’ll be bombarded with countless things to do and see.

Travel Websites – Luckily, many have taken it upon themselves to detail some of the best spots to go and visit in the UK, including us! Plus travel advice from anywhere is always helpful. Doing some quick research on Travel Pocket Guide will find you plenty of gems scattered all across the UK. Simply pick which sounds best for you!

Tourist Information Centres – Tourist information centre’s are another good way of finding things to do in your area. Most will have stack upon stacks of leaflets for you to peruse, all containing attractions open for visitors. Just check out Google Maps to see where your closest centre is.

The Pub – This last option may sound a bit silly, but sometimes interacting with locals can give you some great tips on the best spots to visit. They know the area better than you, so having a chat with them may prove to help you find your next adventure spot. Every town and village across the UK has at least one pub, so you shouldn’t struggle to find and attractions

Money and Safety

This section is more universal than the previous, because it applies to basically anywhere you’re travelling. Keeping safe when abroad or away from home is of the utmost importance, especially when you’re carrying money. So, knowing how to do so is highly important. Here’s some easy tips for keeping you and your belongings safe.

Keep Everything Hidden – Important items should always be kept somewhere subtle and safe. Whether that be an inside pocket, keep-safe bag or in a sock! Making sure your valuables are out of sight will keep them out of the minds of thieves.

Know Your Money’s Value – Many businesses will try to take advantage of tourists ignorance, and charge absurd amounts for things that are simply not worth it. To avoid this, knowing how much the currency is worth compared to your own should be enough. This way, you can judge whether an offer is good or bad, rather than guessing, only to find out you’ve spent a fortune.

Know Emergency Service Numbers – This one may be obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many will forget this basic essential. In the UK, 999 is the number you dial to get hold of any emergency service. Call this number immediately if you feel unsafe or at risk in any way. It could be a lifesaver…safety

Remember this British Travel Advice

Though small details will differ from place-to-place. Everywhere is different after all. But reading through these tips carefully, making sure to remember the important ones, is ideal. Knowing the basics and keeping them to-hand means you shouldn’t have to worry about too much, except having a good time! Hopefully this travel advice can allow you to cover your backs, and enjoy the UK to the fullest. Whether you’re from here or not.

So, know your basics, stay safe, and most importantly, enjoy yourself!

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