Known for its beauty, revolutionary ideology, amazing cuisine and vineyards that stretch miles long, France is truly a magnificent country that offers so much to anyone lucky enough to visit. For tourists, the main attraction to France is the ever-romanticised capital of the country, Paris. People long for the chance to stand underneath the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower with their better half, and who can blame them? However, France is truly a country with such depth in culture, this is shown through all the other amazing adventures that are located across different regions of the country. Read on to find out about what areas in France you must visit if you are exploring the country.

La Plagne Piste

La Plagne is a stunning ski resort that is located in the alpine valley of the Tarentaise in France. This beautifully, snow-laid area of France is known by travellers as one of the best winter holiday destinations in the world. The ski resort is incredibly large, with it taking up 225km of space and the ski range reaching up to 3400m long. This is truly one of the rarest finds in France as it is a jam-packed holiday that you can attend with your friends, family or even children. If you are interested, then there is a piste map of la Plagne for you to follow and guide you around the amazingly fascinating resort.


Are you the type of person that lights up a lavender candle to help you relax after a long day? If so, then you’ll love this next spot in France. Provence is an area located in south-eastern France that holds a rich and powerful history. However, they are probably most popularly known for the endless lavender fields that are surrounding the area. This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing places you will ever visit in your life. Not to mention, it is almost impossible to be stressed when all you can smell is lavender from one side of the region to the other.

The Côte d’Azur

The Côte d’Azur, otherwise known as the French Riviera, is an area in France which is renowned for its picturesque coastline. The mesmerising stretch of hazel-blue waters is truly a sight that you must see if you are thinking of visiting France. Nice, Monaco and Cannes are all situated within the French Riviera regio, and all hold great value in the culture that is associated with France. If you are a Grand-Prix fan, you will already know about the wealth and luxury behind Monaco. Whilst Nice is home to some of the most beautiful art galleries in the world; If you fancy a beachfront to die for, this is what Cannes can offer you. Be aware though, that although this is a beautiful region of France, it has been known to attract many tourists, meaning that if you pick a busy time to go, your experience may be hampered.


Coastal beauty is truly what sets France apart from most other European giants, and the area of Brittany is a clear example of this. A rural region, famous for the number of rural fishing villages and historic ports based throughout, if you are wanting to see what preserved history looks like, Brittany is the place to be. Not only desired for its incredible panoramic views, but the region also offers some of the most delicious cuisine imaginable. Making as much use of their resources as possible, it’s easy to imagine that Brittany seafood is very popular. They also have their very own pastry called “kouign-amann,” – A local delicacy that you must try if you ever visit.


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