The Most Glamorous Destinations in Europe

Europe is a fantastic continent to visit for a tourist. There are many countries within Europe and it is easy to travel between several countries when in mainland Europe. Despite the countries of Europe being close together, they are often quite different, each offering something special for visitors. For those who are searching for the best money can buy, continue below as we highlight the most glamorous destinations for tourists in Europe.


We begin on the French Riviera and Monaco is arguably the most glamorous place to visit for tourists in Europe. Home of the Monaco Grand Prix, Monaco is the second smallest independent state in the world but is home to some of the of the wealthiest people on the planet. A stroll along the waterfront in Monaco is filled with views of super yachts and luxury cars. The upmarket hotels and restaurants are stunning but for a night of glitz and glamour, you must play in one of the Monaco casinos. The upscale casinos are wonderful and if come the end of the night you want more, you can easily switch to one of the top online casinos in Europe.


The island of Capri is situated in the Bay of Naples, Italy. Naples is a hectic city to visit and a tremendous experience but for those wanting to sample the more luxurious side of Italian hospitality, Capri is the perfect destination. The island is home to five star hotels, fine dining restaurants, private swimming pools, and high end shopping districts. Capri holds an art film festival every year and directors travel to the island to showcase their latest creations before they hit the cinema screens worldwide. In addition to the hotels, pools, restaurants, shopping, and events, Capri is home to a great natural wonder called the Blue Grotto. As sunlight passes through the cave, the Blue Grotto is illuminated and it is a stunning sight.

Sveti Stefan

Montenegro may not be the first country that comes to mind when travelling to Europe but the luxury resort island of Sveti Stefan is not to be missed. Situated on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, Sveti Stefan is small island yet boasts villas with swimming pools and terraces plus fabulous hotels. Connected to the mainland via a small bridge, Sveti Stefan has the feel of an exclusive resort and is a romantic place to stay for couples wanting a glamorous destination in Europe. Many celebrities and even royalty have stayed at Sveti Stefan and the Aman Sveti Stefan was the venue for a concert by Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli in 2010.

St. Tropez

For those who want to have a taste of French glamour and sunbathe on the beach with celebrities, the French coastal town of St. Tropez is the perfect location. St. Tropez has magnificent beaches, one of which is Tahiti Beach, made famous in the film ‘And God Created Woman’ featuring Brigitte Bardot. Complete with designer boutiques, huge yachts, and impressive hotels, St. Tropez is one of the most glamourous destinations for tourists in Europe.

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