If you’re a passionate off-road adventurer, you’re constantly looking for a new place to go and try your expertise. If you own a powerful UTE with a trailer box installed in the back, and it’s ready to hit the best trails of the world, you’re at the right place.

Most people don’t have the chance to travel around the world and do fun things. They’d rather find amusing off-road tracks in their own country and enjoy the obstacles they offer. However, some are very passionate about this, and they’re ready to travel across the globe to the best places to try their driving.

In this article, we share the six best off-road tracks in the world. Of course, this might be arguable for some, since we’re creating the list based on our experience, but if you haven’t tried some of them, and you have the chance to do it, go for this adventure right away. Keep reading to see what these tracks are, and start filling the canopy with supplies.

1. Cape York Track

Australia is a known continent for its mesmerising nature and beauty. One of the best tracks in the world is the Cape York track, located in the far north part of the continent, and part of the Queensland territory.

It is 848 kilometres long and provides nearly anything you could imagine for your off-road experience. You will cross rivers, climb hills, and go through all sorts of obstacles. This track is just what every off-road enthusiast imagines.

2. Sahara Desert

The biggest desert in the world, Sahara, is a home to also the most challenging and spectacular off-road track in the world. Covering almost the entire northern part of the African continent, the desert is everywhere around you, and getting lost means certain death.

Of course, going inside the desert and where true danger awaits is not part of the plan. Near Morocco, you will find an organised trip, which is still tough and challenging. The unbearable heat and the sand that gives you headaches are also part of the adventure.

3. Moab, Utah, USA

Moab is a city in the state of Utah, part of the USA. Moab is a place where archeologists found dinosaur bones, which proves they lived in the area many years ago. Today, it is an excellent place for people who love heat, sand, and off-road driving.

With places to visit and sites to see that are unlike anything else on this planet, you will not only enjoy driving but also spectacular sites. If you feel like you want to do this, you should book a trip to this area and experience the wildlife of the western American city of Moab.

4. Birdsville Track

If you don’t like traveling up north to Cape York, there’s the Birdsville Track in the southern part of Australia, which is equally great as the previous option. As we mentioned, Australia is a spectacular continent offering so many different off-road track experiences, and Birdsville is just the proof.

It is 534 kilometres long and has everything you could imagine. It follows the original stock trading track from Birdsville to Marree. It has two versions – the inside and the outside track. The inside is the original one, while the outside offers the easier one, perfect for beginners.

5. Rann of Kutch

The subcontinent of India has nearly anything that this planet owns. From the snowy mountains in the north to the hot jungles in the central parts, and the salt marsh desert in the Kutch district. This is the perfect place for every off-road enthusiast to go and visit this area.

Covering around 7500 square kilometres, this nearly endless desert that is tough and challenging will be an amusing place for UTE or truck lovers. Aside from the track that has everything to offer, there are spectacular scenery and animal species everywhere around you, especially some authentic bird species you won’t find in any other place.

6. Baja California

Mexico’s peninsula Baja California offers a unique experience. Although it’s so close to one of the most technologically advanced locations in the world, the US west coast where cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, or San Diego are, Baja California is deadly, less inhabited, and spectacular for off-road.

Nearby the city carrying the same name, Baja California, there’s a track that goes through the desert, but also offers many other things, such as beaches, spectacular sea views, deadly animals, and extreme heat.


All these places around the world focus on off-road adventurers. The tracks in these areas are made to meet the demands of these people and offer obstacles, challenges, and joy that no other place nearby can. We covered four continents and five countries to provide the best possible adventure locations. Give them a visit, and enjoy the fun.

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