One of the most beautiful seasons is here, winter. This time of the year is made for two things. The first is snuggling while watching shows and enjoying hot beverages, the second one is traveling to new Christmas destinations enjoying the Christmas decorations and the snow. Another activity that many people love to do during winter is hitting the slopes. Therefore if you are a ski enthusiast this is your sign to visit a wonderful ski destination.

Flaine is one of the most exciting ski resorts in France and combines many features that make it an even more special destination for this winter. It seems like many skiers and snowboarders around the world, choosing this place for the winter holidays and that’s for many good reasons.

Therefore, if you are still wondering what makes this place so special among the other ski resorts, keep reading.

Why? Read below and you will find out the 3 most important reasons that will convince you to visit Flaine for the winter holidays.

  1. Incredible ski opportunities 

First of all, the most important reason for visiting this place is the incredible skiing opportunities that are provided for every single visitor who is willing to practice their skills or for the novices who want to learn how to ski. Flaine offers numerous ski opportunities during the long winter season that lasts from December to April. Around the place, there are more than 100 snow canons that provide extra snow if needed, and this way there is no danger at any piste. That way the wide variety of ski zones is always ready to host skiers from around the world, even novices and children are welcome around Flain. Actually, there are nursery slopes at the foot of Flaine in order for everyone to be safe and comfortable while skiing. 

  1. Great snowboarding opportunities 

Moreover, if you are a snowboarder who loves to visit new destinations for hitting the slopes, Flaine is the perfect place for you. Why? Flain is actually one of France’s first snowboarding capitals and you will be able to have the best fun hitting the slopes around the place. Even if you are someone that wants to try snowboarding for the first time, there are flat runs that are specially made for beginners and children. Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that around the place there are plenty of off-piste runs for those who want to try something more challenging.

  1. Excellent facilities 

Last but not least, another thing that makes Flain a worth visiting destination for this winter holiday is the excellent facilities around the resort. In case you are interested in spending your days in Flain, staying at a luxurious hotel, or to a beautiful wooden chalet, don’t miss time and book your accommodation on Erna Low. Of course, the facilities around the place are perfect for families, friends, and couples. More specifically, you will be able to find wellness centres, ice skating, bowling, cinemas, amazing restaurants, and also some more activities for adrenaline junkies.


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