A bucket list is a strange thing; it’s essentially a list in your head of all the amazing and crazy things you want to do in your life, and it revolves mostly around travel. Base jump off a cliff, skydive over the Grand Canyon, or take a wild horseback ride across the Australian outback. But countries such as Amsterdam and Paris have serious potential when it comes to creating great travel memories; so we’ve got some tried and tested must-dos for your European bucket list journeys…

1.) Eliminate your inner prude and take a stroll around Amsterdam’s renowned Sex Museum.

2.) Take a shot of absinthe in the charming Polish city of Krakow.

3.) Take a gentle boat trip across Lake Bled in Slovenia.

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4.) Take a wine tour in Tuscany’s capital, Florence.

5.) Witness one of nature’s most beautiful sunsets on the Greek Island of Santorini.

6.) Take part in Spain’s iconic La Tomatina festival and lob mushy tomatoes at all your friends.

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7.) Take a Gondola ride with the love of your life around the watery streets of Venice.

8.) Visit the enchanting mosaics in Alhambra Palace in Spain; it’s UNESCO-listed.

9.) Celebrate King’s Day in Amsterdam; one of the Netherlands’ national holidays and the biggest party of the year!  

10.) Conquer your lifelong fear of heights by paragliding in Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland.

11.) Visit the Uffizi in Florence and admire some of the most iconic renaissance art including various ‘Madonna and Child’ paintings.

12.) Follow in the footsteps of Game of Throne’s Cersei Lannister on her walk of torment and atonement in Dubrovnik in Croatia.

13.) Participate in a paella making class in Barcelona and discover the vibrant and nourishing flavours of Spain.

14.) Have your go at skiing or snowboarding in the Alps (and discover you’re not very good at it).

15.) Rave the night away covered in fluorescent paint at Budapest’s Sziget Festival.

16.) Haggle your way through the mesmerising and colourful markets in Tangier, Morocco.

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17.) Spend a day visiting London’s most renowned tourist sites such as Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, and Trafalgar Square.

Have you been on a European Bucket List adventure? Let us know!

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