We all want to do our part in protecting the environment, but many people feel like they don’t have the time to do so… But there are many easy, and simple changes you can apply to your lifestyle which will contribute to the protection of the environment and our planet.

When at Home

Shower instead of bathing; a short shower uses only 5 gallons of water as opposed to 36 gallons to fill your bathtub.

Make sure you only wash a full load of clothes so that you aren’t wasting water. A cooler wash with less spins will also conserve energy.

Use compact fluorescent bulbs; whilst they are slightly more expensive, they last much longer and use less energy than regular light bulbs.

When Shopping

The production of beef is one of the biggest climate killing industries in the world and is at the centre of abuse against farm animals. Either cut out meat from your diet, or if you must eat meat, buy it locally.

Instead of buying your fresh produce in bags, support supermarkets that sell loose produce. Less plastic is produced which means less plastic ends up damaging the environment and polluting our oceans.

You should purchase a ‘bag for life’ from your local supermarket and reuse it as opposed to purchasing plastic bags each time you shop. Plastic bags are polluting our oceans and release toxic chemicals into the ground and soil which harmful to the environment.

When on Holiday

Avoid shows involving dolphins and orcas as they are often mistreated, poorly looked after, and neglected in captivity. It would support unethical companies such as Sea World.

Do not ride elephants as this is actually uncomfortable and damaging to their backs. Elephants, particularly in places like Thailand, are often neglected as a result of tourist pleasure.

Use ethical companies to go nature spotting. For example, if you want to go whale watching, use a company that approaches the whale in one single boat as opposed to a whole fleet of them.

When Travelling

Use public transport to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce the effects of global warming. If you can, always bike and walk to your destination.

If you need to own a car, diesel is more economical than petrol cars.

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