Jetting off on holiday normally brings exciting times and new adventures, but as exhilarating as air travel can be – it can wreak havoc on your health. You lose out on sleep, eat off schedule, and share often cramped spaces with total strangers.

These easy air travel health hacks will make flying more comfortable and put you in good spirits for your next trip.

Drink more water

It seems like a lot, but you should aim to drink at least eight cups of water each day in the week leading up to your flight. When you fly, your overthrown schedule means you might forget to drink as much as you should, meaning many travellers begin their holiday feeling dehydrated. Take a water bottle with you into the airport so you can top up your water levels as you pass through. You can refill it after you’ve gone through security.

Avoid alcohol

This is a tough one if you’re a nervous flyer, but consuming alcohol before a flight will just make the already likely dehydration worse as it dries out the body. Plus no one wants to arrive at their destination feeling hungover…

Move around

It doesn’t matter if you’re sat in cramped economy or spacious first class, sitting for long periods of time can trigger circulation issues and cramping. So getting up, moving around, and taking regular trips to the bathroom will ensure that blood is still flowing freely throughout the body.

Buy some compress socks

Again, circulation issues can arise – so a pair of knee-high compression socks gently squeeze your calves which aids circulation. You can purchase them in most airports and online.

Consider sleep aids

Not everyone is blessed with the ability to sleep for the duration of their flight, some of us have to try a little harder. Use noise-cancelling headphones and an eye mask to block out unwanted sounds and sights. Bringing a travel-friendly blanket from home and using a good quality travel pillow will help with comfort and prevent that dreadful aching neck and back from flying.


The recycled air on a long-haul flight can trigger breakouts and dry skin, so it’s a good idea to take some small skin care products to prevent any damage being done before you land. Thermal spring water mist is another great product to keep your skin feeling fresh and healthy as you travel.

The right snacks

Travelling through different time zones make it difficult to keep track of your meals on the plane – they might come at very random times when you really don’t fancy it. It’s a good idea to carry with you some slow energy releasing snacks such as nuts, dried fruit, and cereal bars to keep your internal hunger clock on track.

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