Planning your China tour? China is the most beautiful country which offers a range of sightseeing options for tourists. A great China tour includes a good guide, fabulous sightseeing, comfortable accommodation and more. It should be worth your time and money both. Sadly, there are lots of professional scammers in China.

So, if you want to make your trip memorable and enjoyable, then it is must to learn how to avoid most common tourist scams in China.

1) The Fake Taxi Scam 

“Black ” taxis, it doesn’t mean that the color of a taxi. The black taxies mean illegal taxis or cars. There are lots of taxi driver in China who will approach you and ask “where are you going”. The illegal taxi drivers can overcharge you, drop you at a wrong place and drive off with your luggage.

How to avoid it: I’d recommend, use a genuine taxi with working meter. Write down the license plate number as well as the driver’s ID number and don’t share your taxi with strangers. Always ask for a receipt so that you can find the things you left on the taxi.

2) Free Tour Guide
There are lots of scammers in China who will approach a tourist and offer to be a free tour guide. They will take you one or two places and try to get your money.
How to avoid it: Always remember that nothing is free. So don’t believe these kind of guides. One of the best ways to avoid this scam is, booking your tour guide before arriving in China. You will have the complete information about a guide.3) The Tea House Scam

 This is one of the oldest tricks. There might be many strangers who invite you to go somewhere to drink tea, have dinner or practice their English. They will make some excuses and leave you to pay the bill.
How to avoid it: Do not drink tea or have dinner with strangers.

4) The Cheap Tour Scam
Last but not least, There are lots of travel agencies who offer you cheap tours. But they will offer you bad services like bad food, dirty bus, bad accommodations and unprofessional guides etc.
How to avoid it: Book your travel agency before arriving in China. Explore the web and contact with reputed and established local travel agency. Investigate the company, their guides, and services before choosing it. Contact with their previous clients to ensure that they are offering excellent services.Thus, keep the above-mentioned tips in your mind to avoid tourist scams. One of the best ways to avoid these scams are choosing the reliable local China travel agency like WindhorseTour. They offer customized private tours in China to people all around the world. You can customize your tour exactly the way want. They have fully qualified guides and travel adviser who will assist you during your trip.

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