Travel shows, guide books, online blogs and cheaper airfares have all contributed to an increase in trips to far flung corners of the world, previously considered inconceivable as holiday destinations.

A consequence of travelling more widely is that we often need to add yet another item to our to-do list; namely, a visit to a travel clinic. Unfortunately, there are too few specialist travel health clinics in the UK and many of us, therefore, resort to visiting our GP Practice. There is no guarantee, however, that this is the answer, given that only around 10% of GP Practices offer a full travel health service. Couple that with the difficulty in fitting an appointment around lectures or work commitments and it begins to explain why so many of us travel unprotected.

According to recent market research there were an estimated 72 million trips from the UK last year but just 41% of those travelling sought travel health advice.

In recent years, in response to the unmet need, more and more pharmacists have started to offer travel clinics at their pharmacies. Longer pharmacy opening hours (including weekends) enables pharmacies to provide travellers with a comprehensive travel health service on a walk-in basis.

Thanks to a new FREE TO USE online Travel Health consultation system, travellers can now register details of their personalised planned itinerary and relevant medical history, then the system’s built-in algorithm determines which vaccines and/or malaria tablets are required for the users’ individual trip.

The platform is supported by a team of experienced healthcare professionals to ensure it remains up to date and clinically robust.  Once the traveller has completed their initial FREE online consultation, they can simply enter their postcode to find the nearest pharmacy where they can receive the required travel jabs and malaria tablets at a competitive price without the need for a doctor’s prescription.  All 1,000+ pharmacies across the UK network use the same consultation software and have completed specialist training in travel health, so they are perfectly placed to provide advice, the required vaccinations and other forms of protection required.

The online record of registered details means it is quick and easy to complete the consultation and makes it simple to stay on top of your vaccination history and arrange follow up appointments.  Try the service for yourself and cross one more item off your to-do list.

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