Campervans are cool. Home-from-home, they’re the ideal way to do a road trip. With miniature kitchens and dinner tables that transform into beds, van life gives you the comfort of mod cons and the freedom of the outdoors. Here are our top tips to get the most out of your campervan…

Renting the retro life

If you’re renting your van, it’s a good idea to make a list of what you need to take with you, and compare it with what’s included in the rental. That way you won’t be caught out in the middle of the wilds.

Prepare, plan, pleasure

A little preparation and planning will make the world of difference to your road trip. Consider what storage space you have, particularly in the fridge, so that you’re not wasting food. Think about cooking facilities – does your van have a kitchenette or are you going to cook over a fire? Opt for dishes that are easy to make and don’t require pots and pans that you’ll have to scrub later.

Stock up

If you’re exploring, you may be further from civilisation that you thought, so stock up whenever you get a chance to.

Travel light

Don’t over pack. Consider what you really need and leave the rest behind. You’ve got limited storage space after all.

Make sure you can drive it

This may sound a no-brainer, but a van is larger than a car and has a greater turning circle. Consider whether you want a manual or automatic transmission too.

Good company

You’re going to be in close quarters with whomever you’re travelling with, so it’s wise to make sure you are with someone you really like.

Enjoy the freedom

You’re flexible, you’re mobile, you’re free. You have everything you need already so being spontaneous is as simple as getting in the driver’s seat of your campervan and heading out to somewhere new.

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