Booking a hotel these days is a piece of cake. However, getting the best and cheapest hotels when travelling is the real deal. Everyone loves luxurious hotels, but let’s be honest; they come at a cost. Hotels can be a real game changer when you’re travelling, but if the accommodation on your trip isn’t reasonable, it can be a real turn-off. 

No one would actually say “No” to some tips that can come in handy while booking hotels, and if you make smart timely moves, you can seize the best and cheapest deals while travelling. 

So how does one book the best and cheapest hotels when travelling? If that’s the question on your mind, you are in the right spot. This article will cover how you can book the cheapest and best hotels when travelling. Let’s get on with it!

Have A Full Comparison Of Sites & Deals

One of the first things you should do when booking a hotel is “Compare”. Have a complete analysis of the sites and the deals which are being offered. How you make your reservation with a hotel can bring a significant difference in cost.

Feel free to start your quest by searching on sites. Some sites you can use are easyRamp, Expedia, or You can use such sites to have a general idea of the hotels at your desired location. However, you should NEVER rely on such sites for the whole picture. 

After listing a few hotels from such sites, research those hotels on your own. The process can be tedious, but it’s worth it. When finalising your hotel, you can consider perks like complimentary breakfast, parking or free WiFi. 

Lastly, ensure that you have visited the official website of the hotel you choose to stay at. This is because, at times, some hotel chains offer their best rates when the booking is made through their own website.

Use Credit Cards That Offers Travel Cash Back Perks & Avail Gift Cards When You Can

If you want to keep your hotel booking cheap, try paying via credit cards which offer perks. Start with the basics by getting yourself a credit card that pays you money every time you make a purchase. This is one of the easiest and most consistent ways to save money.

Let’s be honest, once you are done with finding the best hotel for yourself, you will book it anyway, so why not do it for an extra 1.5% cash back or equivalent points transferred right into your account? However, when choosing a credit card, ensure that it has no foreign transaction fees and comes with travel-specific rewards. 

You must remember that the cashback received initially might not seem like a lot, but it can be fruitful when summed up after a few trips. Furthermore, you can also avail discounts from gift cards which can be found on sites like You can use such sites to get additional discounts before making your final bookings.

Look For Business Hotels

How To Book The Best and Cheapest Hotels When Travelling

How To Book The Best and Cheapest Hotels When Travelling

Are you travelling within Europe? If so, then this tip is something you should definitely keep in mind. If you prioritise money and want to stay cheap while saving as much as possible, try staying at business hotels. 

These types of hotels offer great deals, especially if you are in Europe. But why would a hotel do that? Businesses generally are comparatively slower in summer months, and hotels cater to business travellers on weekends, which leads to lower prices. 

If you want to avoid going with business hotels, the next best thing you can try is Roomer. With Roomer, you can buy someone else’s reservation. Often there are cases when people can’t go on a trip and can’t cancel the reservation. 

In such cases, the ideal option is to put the reserved rooms on Roomer; this way, the person who booked the room doesn’t have to lose all their money and can sell their booking at a discounted rate.

Go With Advance Booking With Free Cancellation

If you are someone who stays super organised, then this is the part you can skip out on. You should know that hotels with advanced booking and no cancellation fees wouldn’t get you a cheap room. However, on the bright side, they will give you flexibility and price security. 

Typically, you would find two types of booking options: one with a lower rate that is nonrefundable and the other at a higher rate with free cancellation. This technique works great when you are still determining the dates you will be travelling at. 

For instance, the hotel prices are low near a place on your visit list. It’s best to make the booking there and then instead of waiting for the dates to be finalised. Who knows, the price of hotels might skyrocket by the time you confirm your travelling dates. And if your travelling dates fluctuate, you can still cancel your booking for free.

Book Longer Stays To Save More

If you have a list of places you want to visit while you are on your trip, it’s best to stay at a single hotel. Even if the places you want to visit are far from your accommodation, in most cases, it’s best to stay at a single hotel. 

Staying at a single hotel for more nights will often bring down the average cost of your stay. “But why would hotels charge me less if I stay for a more extended period?” Well, from the hotel’s perspective, they don’t have to clean your room, and it also guarantees hotel occupancy, particularly in seasons when fewer visitors are there.

While booking, you would encounter many hotels offering you a night stay for £50. Whereas if you stay for two nights at the same hotel, the price would be £90; subsequently, for three nights, the cost would be around £130 or £140. This way you can save a decent sum of money while staying at the same accommodation.


Finding the best and cheapest hotel is a skill that many fail to acquire. It does require research and mainly comes down to the location you are staying at. So if you want to get the best deal for yourself, all you need to do is follow everything we have listed in this article, and you will get the best hotel at the most reasonable price in no time!

How To Book The Best and Cheapest Hotels When Travelling

How To Book The Best and Cheapest Hotels When Travelling

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