Every month we process more than 25,000 air tickets, in excess of 15,000 room nights and have more than 1,000 customers we’re actively working with.

We can access accommodation at 300,000 hotels across the world and have a reach of 590 international destinations with 90 more domestic destinations.

Business travel accounts for $1.3 trillion of global spending every year, so it’s imperative that corporate travel is controlled, without compromising corporate culture.

Cleartrip for Business, our business travel solution, simplifies business travel and can reduce your corporate travel costs by up to 20%. Its revolutionary in-built tools put you in control.

Its powerful tools include Track & Save, accurate online reporting that enables you to control expenditure and save money. Reports are automated and can be viewed online, or downloaded. Storing data has never been this easy, nor accurate.

The reports are delivered in real-time and can be filtered across date ranges, forms of travel, destination or department. Its ability to report again projects or clients supports internal budgeting processes and cost charges in simple steps. With the ability to track individual expenditure from company-wide travel expenses, it enables you to identify cost efficiencies to realise more travel for less money.

Cleartrip for Business offers corporations unmatched commercial benefits, including discounted air travel and hotel stays saving 10% on retail booking rates.

And as your Cleartrip for Business is unique to your company, it enables easy user management, so you can improve traveller compliance against your own travel policies and set user permissions, to further control expenditure.

Cleartrip for Business tracks and reports the minimum, maximum and average prices available for flights and hotels, and shows you when employees had cheaper options but didn’t book them. This helps you fine-tune your travel policies and realise further cost efficiencies, based on real-time information.

Signing up to Cleartrip for Business is free. To start your journey to greater corporate travel control, request a free demo of ClearTrip today.

We’re constantly adding new benefits to our travel solution.

*Never miss out on a client meeting with our same-day travel options, including international travel.

*Take advantage of exclusive last minute hotel deals with Quickeys, saving you up to 30%.

*Make business travel a comforting and comfortable home-from-home experience by selecting serviced apartments from our extensive choice of accommodation.

Focus on your work with our international travel assistance service, providing travel itineraries, personal assistance and visa and forex services. Get in touch with one of our dedicated experts who will take care of all your travel-related needs.

Make your business trip a Cleartrip, with Cleartrip for Business.

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