Disneyland is a magical place – and a place that practically every child has begged their parents to visit at least once in their lives. If you’ve recently kowtowed to such demands from your little ones, you may be wondering how best to prepare. Dress is probably the last thing on your mind, but it’ll be the first thing on your child’s – especially concerning fancy dress. How should you prepare for Disneyland, fashion-wise?

Adhering to the Disneyland Dress Code

First and foremost, it is important to know that Disneyland has some rules on what you can and can’t wear to your chosen resort destination. The ‘dress code’ is simple and non-restrictive, with emphasis placed on safety and sensibility. For example, clothes with a ‘train’, or that drape along the floor, are a safety hazard and not allowed. Meanwhile, any potentially offensive outfits – such as shirts with printed swear words, or revealing clothing choices – could see you refused entry.


With the rules understood and out of the way, you can turn your attention to packing the essentials. Whatever your Disneyland plans, you will need some standard items to ensure your comfort and safety throughout your Disneyland stay. For one, comfortable shoes are an absolute must. During tourist seasons, you will find queues – both physical and virtual – stretch out that little bit longer. As such, you’ll be spending much more time on your feet!

Fancy Dress

Of course, Disneyland is not a place for completely ‘sensible’ fashion decisions. It is a magical place, designed to transport you and your family to new worlds and stories – and it would be remiss of your young ones not to get a little more directly involved in the fun.

Indeed, much of the fun of Disneyland is in its pageantry: in the children getting all dressed up, for a fun day of exploring and encountering beloved characters in real life. But what to dress up as?

For clarity, children under the age of 14 can dress up in costumes and masks – giving them the freedom to embody some of their favourite characters. With Star Wars now a Disney property, and new Star Wars attractions cropping up in different Disneyland parks, your young one could enjoy their visit wearing a Mandalorian helmet – or even a robe and some green paint, a la baby Grogu.

The announcement of the live-action Little Mermaid might also prove inspirational for your kids, with new dress options and tailfin-inspired sequins a beautiful way to make a Disneyland debut.

The Weather

The weather is also a major consideration for you to account for when packing. Firstly, pack for the season. Even if travelling to a Disneyland in a warmer climate, cold days can catch you out. This is especially true when travelling in the off-season, so don’t be afraid to bring some extra layers.

In the summer, the sun can be incredibly dangerous, especially so for young children. Sun safety is paramount since you will be spending much of your day exploring the grounds out in the open. Sun hats and sunglasses are essential provisions and can make the day much more enjoyable as well as much safer.


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