Venturing out on a road trip with friends can be one of the best experiences of your life and may end up being something you all talk about fondly for decades. Many of us have experiences in life that we just wish we documented so that we can reminisce in more detail when discussing those events. This is why it’s a popular decision for people to find ways to document their travels and major life experiences, as it allows you to look back into the past and keep those memories fresh in your mind. To help you with this, here are some ways in which you can document your next road trip.

Take A Journal

If you’re an avid writer and enjoy taking notes, then a journal may be the way to go for you. Of course, plenty of people hate writing or don’t have overly legible handwriting, and in that case, this might not be the option for you. But if you are comfortable with spending time writing down your thoughts in a small journal, this can also serve as a means to help you relax and pass the time on some of the longer stretches of the journey. You can include many different things in your journal, from summaries of each day and more in-depth descriptions of certain events to sketches and doodles of some of the exciting things you’ve seen or done.

Try Blogging

Similar to writing in a journal, this can be a much more pleasant experience if you’re not a fan of physical writing but still enjoy noting down your thoughts and feelings in a much more organised fashion. Blogging can be a great way to document your entire journey and then share it with others online. You could even develop your blog into something larger than simply an online journal, gaining readers and turning your blog site into something quite valuable to you. If you start getting a decent amount of traffic to your site, you may get the attention of businesses searching for places to advertise their products and services. You could then start writing affiliate articles and sponsored content, which can make you a pretty nice profit.

Buy Souvenirs

Triggering can be a fairly easy task, and certain objects often do this very well. Souvenirs from a particular vacation are a good way to help memories come flooding back to you and can also work as a great talking point when they’re put on display in your home. Suppose you experience a particular fun and interesting event during your road trip. In that case, whether it’s visiting an iconic landmark, taking part in an exciting activity, or simply something interesting and unexpected happens during the trip, you should consider getting a souvenir to remind yourself of that moment. Items like this can essentially capture a moment allowing you to link specific memories to that object.

Take Photos

Photography is something that is becoming much more accessible to people today. Smartphones are becoming extremely advanced as the years go by, and it’s now possible to take some professional-quality photos with them, especially if you make use of some of the many attachments that you can find too. Gimbals, tripods, and smartphone lens attachments can completely change the quality of your shots, allowing you to take some memorable photographs during your travels. With a bit of experience and knowledge, such as understanding lens aperture, how to shoot in different types of lighting, and how to fully use your device, you can come away with some incredible shots with very little effort on your road trip.

Edit A Travel Video

Your phone, as well as a decent DLSR camera, can also be used to create videos, too. You could spend some time on your trip recording your adventures, capturing stunning scenery and hilarious moments with friends, which you can then compile later on, either during your downtime or when you return home. Editing a travel video like this can be a fantastic way to debrief you and your friends once the journey is over and help you all better commit the trip’s events to memory. Similar to photography, you’ll need to make sure you bring the right equipment with you to get the best quality video. A gimbal is great for this, as it can help you to keep your footage steady as you move around. Consider bringing a sports or action camera with you or even a drone for some amazing extra footage.

Use A Travel App

Many apps available today can help you document your travels much more easily. A lot of these take the form of travel journal apps in which you can easily record and share your trips with friends and family. These apps allow you to do many things to document your trip as well as remain more organised during the journey. You can create to-do lists and notes, voice memos, add and edit photos and even create maps that fill in your route as you travel. You can also share some of these apps with others, allowing multiple people to add to your notes and document their experiences on the trip.


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