A trip is incomplete without the right essential travel gadgets. From packing the bare essentials to having some extras, we all try to grab everything we might need on our trip. 

Travelling with the right gadgets can bring you comfort and the peace of mind you deserve while travelling. So, if you are going to travel or are planning to do so, then we have a list of 6 essential gadgets you should never leave behind. These are the vital gadgets that will make your trip convenient and hassle-free. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Universal Travel Adapter

It doesn’t matter if you are going on a short or long trip; you could always use a universal travel adapter to plug in one of your devices. 

What makes this an essential gadget? With the universal travel adapter, you can enable a dual-voltage appliance. This means a converter or a transformer from one country can be plugged into the wall outlet of another country, without any limitations making it perfect for international travel. 

The motive of this adapter is to charge your devices conveniently anywhere you want. An ideal universal travel adapter would include an MFC socket, fuse, plug, plug lock and USB ports.


The next item on the list is a must-have gadget you would want to have around you while travelling. Power banks can come in handy. And if you are an explorer or a traveller who is usually outdoors, having an extra life for your electronic devices would be something you want. 

The cost of a power bank can be as low as £17, and they come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s ideal for you to get a compact one that offers a decent amount of mAh. There are a few things that you must bear in mind when you are choosing a power bank. 

You should always consider the port configurations, capacity, and voltage rating of the power bank you are taking along the journey. The mAh of a power bank usually varies from 6000 to 20000mAh. A 6000mAh power bank can charge your phone twice. Whereas a 20,000mAh power bank can even charge your laptop 1.5 times!

Wireless Headphones 

Who would resist a quality pair of wireless headphones while travelling? Wireless headphones are one of the gadgets that aren’t only essential, but can be a great form of entertainment on long and tedious flights. They offer the privacy of watching shows and listening to music through your phone or laptop without disturbing your surroundings. 

Furthermore, if you are easily affected by noises in the background, then a pair of noise-cancellation headphones is something you should definitely carry if you want to travel undisturbed. And since it’s all wireless, you don’t have to worry about the cord getting deformed, twisted, or curled, making it perfect for your travel bag.

Pocket-Sized WiFi Hotspot

You don’t want internet anxiety to ruin your whole journey. Though some might argue that having a pocket-sized WiFi hotspot isn’t an essential gadget as travelling aims to get you some “me time” away from the internet. But if we are being honest, there’s always a need for a solid and stable wireless network when travelling. Even if you want it for something as basic as Google maps. 

WiFi hotspots can reduce the risks of cybersecurity attacks and is best used in restaurants and cafés where you can access free WiFi. So what are the features that you should look out for in a WiFi hotspot? It would be best if you tried to go with a WiFi hotspot device that offers password protection, is pocket-friendly, lightweight, and has long battery life. 

The best WiFi hotspot would cost you a minimum of £25 and would ensure you don’t have to get a local SIM card in every country you visit. Instead, you should be able to top-up credit for your device through the mobile application.

Bluetooth Trackers – Smart Tags & AirTag

Losing your important documents, wallet, or keys while travelling can be frustrating. Therefore, keeping track of your essentials is a must. One of the best ways to keep track of your things is via a Bluetooth tracker. A Bluetooth tracker is a thin, small device attached to your possessions to keep track of them. 

The tracker is lightweight, and there are different variants available. Some trackers can attach, so you can stick them to valuable possession. Others can be hooked to objects to use them like keychains. The Bluetooth tracker works with a mobile application developed by the manufacturers. 

You can keep track of your possessions through your mobile and find them if they are lost. Usually, you would find Bluetooth trackers from two prominent companies: Apple (AirTag) and Samsung (Smart Tags). 

However, the best Bluetooth tracker is the one which offers a loud ring, works from reasonable distances and is water resistant, in case the object attached to it gets wet or is out in the rain.

Hidden Camera Detector

The last gadget might not feel like one of the essentials needed while travelling. But it certainly is if you love privacy on your journey. Yes, hotels and guesthouses can use surveillance footage for security reasons. But planting hidden cameras is certainly an invasion of one’s privacy and is illegal in many countries.

A survey shows that 11% out of 2000 people have found hidden cameras in rented accommodations. You can find hidden cameras in various locations like alarm clocks, smoke detectors, USB chargers, pens, lamps and basically every essential object you can find in your accommodation. 

Finding a hidden camera is tough, and if you plan to stay in a rented accommodation while travelling, having a hidden camera detector is a must. The best hidden camera detectors have built-in lens finders and signal detectors. They can find a camera within 5-20 meters. You can get a decent hidden camera detector for under £25.

Essential Travel Gadgets | Conclusion

Carrying the right gadgets primarily depends on your travel destination. However, it’s always great to take the gadgets listed above, regardless of your destination. The gadgets we have listed will ensure that your travel is stress-free and your stay at accommodations is safe.

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