Las Vegas, also referred to as the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” is a city that stands alone. It is a place where luxury resorts and vibrant nightlife are not lacking and it plays home to world-famous entertainment shows and landmarks. For every taste and preference, regardless of whether one has been here before or not, Las Vegas has myriad experiences to offer. This definitive guide will take you through the best things to do, hidden treasures, and attractions making Las Vegas a must-see.

Explore the World-Famous Las Vegas Strip

It can be said that no trip to Las Vegas would be complete without taking a walk along its lively strip. This famous street has some of the most renowned hotels, casinos and entertainment clubs in the globe. You will walk along this bustling street fascinated by both bright lights and extravagant architectural designs on the way, as well as you will breathe in its atmosphere full of energy. Some of the Strip’s most known places worth stopping at include Paris Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower replica, Bellagio’s Fountains or Luxor Hotel shaped as a pyramid.

Give Casinos a Try

Talk about casinos and gambling, Las Vegas is the name that comes up on every occasion. In this city are located several best-level casinos where you can play slot machines, poker, roulette and blackjack. This city of sin has something for everyone irrespective of whether you have experience or not. Bellagio Casino will give you a feel of refinement and elegance, while Venetian Resort is a unique place that reflects Venice at its best.

Plunge into Incredible Live Shows

Las Vegas boasts some of the most amazing live shows one can ever find globally. These include breath-taking performances by Cirque du Soleil, captivating magic and concerts featuring global stars which give the city a peculiar kind of entertainment. A show at Caesars Palace Colosseum will remain with you because entertainers such as Celine Dion and Elton John have used it as their stage before. Otherwise, one can choose to go to MGM Grand where there are acrobats performing incredible skills and visual tricks by Cirque du Soleil production.

Discover Natural Wonders Beyond the Strip

Even though the Las Vegas Strip is the epicentre of fun and entertainment in Sin City, there is much to see once you cross its borders. Nature enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice with outdoor activities and natural wonders only a stone throw away from downtown.

Visit Grand Canyon

You can’t go to Las Vegas without going to see the breathtaking Grand Canyon. Located just a few hours’ drive from the city, this natural beauty site will leave you speechless. Stand on its edge and take in the spectacular view of this unique piece of nature, fly over it by helicopter or descend into its depth while having a hike there for an unforgettable experience. No matter how you choose to tour around the Grand Canyon, you cannot help but appreciate that Mother Nature is indeed wonderful.

Running away to Red Rock Canyon

To those wanting to get lost in a world of the Strip’s glamor and glitz, Red Rock Canyon is an Island of peace right at the heart of Mojave Desert. Take time to wear your hiking shoes, pick one from many trails that go through this beautiful landscape. Watch in awe as you witness the tall formations of red sandstone, see animals such as desert bighorn sheep and enjoy the wide views above the desert surrounding you. Moreover, Red Rock Canyon is also popular for rock climbing, horseback riding or taking a scenic drive which makes it a must-go place for people who love outdoor activities.

Satisfy all desires in Lake Mead waters

Lake Mead is situated just a stone throw distance from Las Vegas where people escape from the hotness of deserts. This huge reservoir created by Hoover Dam serves as a playground for water activities’ enthusiasts. You may want to paddleboard or hire a kayak to explore its calm waters or do some bass and catfish fishing or simply take a slow boat trip around while soaking in amazing scenes. There are hundreds of miles of coastline and so many hidden places on Lake Mead where you can enjoy refreshing yourselves amongst the wonders of nature.

Delve into the world of cooking

Las Vegas is a culinary heaven with many different eating places to suit the taste of any person. From Michelin-starred restaurants run by famous cooks to casual restaurants offering delicious foods from all over the globe, this town is an epitome of gastronomy.

Relish in Celebrity Chef Exquisites

Las Vegas is a place where you find many restaurants operated by celebrity chefs. Go on a gastronomic journey at Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen and experience meals inspired by the popular TV show. To have a taste of Italy, visit Giada, which is Giada De Laurentiis’ named restaurant where you will be able to try her signature homemade pastas. Las Vegas has many celebrity chef restaurants and it can be described as a food haven.

Food Courts and Fusion Cuisine with a difference

The city of Las Vegas is littered with various food courts and markets where you can sample different types of food under one roof if you prefer to eat at a more relaxed pace. For example, Block 16 Urban Food Hall is a culinary extravaganza that serves everything from Japanese ramen to authentic Mexican street food. Chinatown has several Asian restaurants and markets that are always swarming with food enthusiasts.

Discover Incredible Treasures & Experiences

Apart from the well-known tourist attractions and activities that must be done when you come to Las Vegas, there are many hidden gems and unusual experiences slightly off the beaten path for those who want to explore something different. These hideaways offer an alternative side of Las Vegas away from its usual hotspots for the brave.

Go to the Neon Museum

To look back on the history of Las Vegas visit The Neon Museum. This museum preserves remnants of iconic neon signs that once decorated resorts, casinos and businesses throughout town. They have all been restored back to their original state again, like what visitors see while on guided tours at The Neon Museum starting from a neon boneyard full of vintage signs. Thus, by word or by deed it displays how easily changing this city can be as much as it theoretically reflects in an echo chamber in its past.

Start an Exhilarating ATV Ride

According to those who love living on the edge, they should choose a heart-stopping ATV ride in the nearest desert. Put on your helmet, start your engine and traverse through rocky terrains while having an amazing view of the desert. Get going as you roll over sand dunes, rough paths and dry canyons; this is a real immersion into the virgin beauty of the desert to feel your adrenaline increasing. Amateurs or professional riders cannot afford to miss this opportunity that will never be forgotten.

Conclusion: Allow Las Vegas Do Wonders for You

Las Vegas is a city that ignites imaginations and caters for all needs. From luxurious life on the Las Vegas Strip to its beautiful natural surroundings, this city has something for everyone. Let’s enjoy some world-class entertainment, tantalise our taste buds with mouth-watering cuisines while discovering hidden treasures that reveal Las Vegas’s soul. This magic moment will never be erased from your memory forever. Are you ready to begin an unforgettable adventure? Las Vegas awaits!

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