Owning a holiday rental property can be a lucrative way to generate income, but it can also be challenging to manage. Providing quality service and a comfortable environment for guests to stay is an effective way to generate repeat custom and earn recommendations to other potential guests. Here are just some of the improvements you can make to your property to encourage more business.

Improvements to make to your holiday rental property – upgrade the heating

Whether your holiday rental property is in a hot or cold country, chances are the heating will be used at some point throughout the year. Upgrading your heat is a great way to improve guests’ experience whilst also saving yourself money. Air source heat pumps are a great option as they use the heat from outside to heat your home. Not only will this save you money on heating, but it is also less damaging to the environment than other heating sources.

Maximise the space you have

Many rental properties are considerably smaller than full-time homes, however, this does not mean they need to feel so. Make sure you are truly maximising the space that you have to work with. Add built-in wardrobes for additional storage to achieve a clutter-free space. Invest in a top-quality sofa bed so the property can sleep additional guests when needed but isn’t in the way when not required.

Prioritise comfort

The last thing guests want to experience whilst on holiday is a bad night’s sleep. Upgrading the bedding in your rental property can make a massive difference to a guest’s overall experience. Consider replacing the pillows, bedding, and mattresses at the property for more high-quality options to give guests the best possibility of having a great night’s sleep.

Make it a home from home

It is often the little touches in a holiday property that guests appreciate the most. Ensuring they have everything they may need, and little home comforts is a good way to make them feel completely at ease, and much more likely to return or recommend your property to their family and friends. Make sure the property is well stocked with tea, coffee, and snacks, as well as all the essentials such as toilet paper and napkins.

Provide local insight

Finally, make sure you leave guests useful information on the local area, so they are able to get the most out of their holiday. This could include both necessary information such as the closest supermarket and transport options, but should also include personal recommendations for restaurants, cafes, bars, and entertainment.

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