Could you imagine anything more disheartening than returning home from your travels feeling exhausted and jet-lagged to find your house had been burgled? A break-in is awful at any time, but there’s something unsettling knowing strangers invaded your home whilst you were away. It makes you wonder, what could you have done differently in terms of home security to prevent such a thing from happening?

Here are 6 home security tips to keep your home and belongings safe while you’re busy exploring the world…

Cancel Deliveries 

Remember to cancel any scheduled deliveries such as groceries, newspapers, or anything you ordered online. With no one home to accept the deliveries, they will inevitably build up outside your house which could alert thieves of your absence. This could make your home a potential burglary target. Alternatively, use Royal Mail’s Keepsafe scheme; it will keep all your post and parcels safe for up to 66 days which you can have delivered on your return for a small fee.

Tell Your Family (and Friends) 

Alerting friends, families, and trustworthy neighbours of your absence will give you peace of mind while you’re away. They can keep an eye on your home; ask them to pop over and water the plants and cut the grass. Not only will this keep it looking healthy while you’re gone, it will mean your house won’t be left unattended for the whole duration of your trip. An overgrown garden could let passerbys know you haven’t been home for a while.

Turn Some Lights On

The key to efficient home security is to make your house look occupied while you’re away to ward off potential break-ins. You can buy switch timers which will automatically turn lights on and off in your home or alternatively, you can have a trusted friend or family member enter your home each day to switch some lights on and off. Make sure the light is visible from the outside of the house. If you have any outside lighting, switch this on in this evenings too.

Hide Valuable Items

On the off-chance you do have someone sneaking around your home looking for items to steal, make sure before you leave that you have hidden anything valuable (laptops, phones, jewelry, ect) out of sight. Either keep them in a safe, ask a friend to keep them at their house, or if you’re going to leave them in your home, make sure they are not visible from outside.

Keep Your Travel Plans Quiet

It’s perfectly fine to tell your friends and family you’re going away, but don’t go shouting about it all over your social media channels. All it could take is for someone to overhear you in a private conversation or see one of your posts anticipating your holiday, and before you know it, they know your address and where the keys are kept. Don’t take any chances and be mindful of who and where you announce your travel plans to.

Basic Home Security

Make sure all your doors and windows are locked and keep your keys safe. If you plan on leaving your keys at home, make sure they are out of reach from the letter box as someone could easily grab them with either their hand or maybe even a coat hanger! You should also ensure your shed and all tools are out of sight and locked up; things such as ladders and hammers could be used to force entry into your home.

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