Interrailing could be the perfect holiday for you this summer; it’s an incredible alternative form of travel that allows you the opportunity to see and experience more than just one destination. And it doesn’t have to cost you your entire life savings.

What is Interrailing?

Interrailing is essentially travelling to numerous destinations via train. There are many companies that offer tickets of various prices that typically depend on when and where your travels begin. Tickets are available to European residents and allows unlimited travel by train in and between 30 different countries for a pre-determined amount of time.

The interrailing ticket allows unlimited trains on specific number of days in a specified month; typically 3,4,6, or 8 days. Interrailing with limited travel days allows for a superb amount of sight seeing and exploring. Although train life isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the great thing about interrailing is having the opportunity to sight see whilst you’re on the rails.

The Trains

Travelling via train is often a deciding factor for many when it comes to choosing to interrail or not. Some may feel stressed about train safety, possible train delays, and catching the right train. Trains abroad are unlikely to be spacious and have the luxuries that UK trains often have. It pays to do your research into the train companies for your destination or you may be left standing without a seat for hours on end.

When purchasing your interrail tickets, be sure to check which train companies are included; some train firms won’t accept tickets that have strong associations with others. Many interrail travellers have been left stranded for this reason.

The Cost

European train tickets are typically priced around £60 – £150 dependent on your ultimate destination and the days of travel; a very similar price that you would pay for a single flight to Austria. Although flying is less cramped and takes less time, it doesn’t allow new destinations to be discovered along the way. Interrailing really is a great form of travel to create more memories on your journey.

Of course, delays and line faults can happen unexpectedly. Storms can have a serious impact on traffic and the rail systems so you could be left waiting for hours at a time in the rain without any shelter – so always be over prepared and even check the forecast. Not only could you spend hours of your time waiting for a delayed train, the train journeys themselves can be long and tedious also. Some travelling times could be as long as 24 hours which can become unbearable when you have little leg room and no personal space. It can certainly dull the experience of interrailling.


Hostels are the most common form accommodation used when interrailing because they are cheap and practical for short stays. Whether you like them or not, they are a cheap alternative to hotels. Prices can range from as little as £15 in Europe depending on the room’s facilities and how many people are sharing the room.

If you plan on staying hostels, then you must make the effort to plan your journey and book them, or you could be left without a room for a night. It doesn’t matter if your plans change, hostels are cheap and often offer a refund for those that cancel bookings 24 hours in advance. Hostels can be booked up quickly with customer review websites such as Tripadvisor.


Interrailing isn’t for everyone, but it would make a summer of wonder. If you’re one to worry about train times, directions, and your belongings; it’s essential you book and plan your journey throughout. It will allow you to have an incredible summer travelling without the stress. So if you wan’t to try something new and see as much of Europe as possible without breaking the bank, interrailing might be perfect for you.


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