Every day 400.000 pick pocket incidents occur worldwide. Never worry about this happening to you with the Bobby Anti-Theft backpack. Key features as cut-proof material and hidden zipper closures will keep your belongings safe while travelling. 2 years after the introduction of XD Design ’s worldwide success – the Bobby Original backpack – they proudly introduce you to their latest generation of Anti-Theft backpacks, the Bobby Urban!

The Bobby Urban is your perfect travel companion when finding your way through the Urban Jungle.

Made from anti-cut material, this bag is impenetrable for thieves. Not only is the main fabric cut proof, the top lining includes an integrated steel bar and is made from special Anti-Cut webbing. It has a concealed zipper and a steel-reinforced combination lock, functioning as a second layer of security. The combination lock can even be used to secure your bag to a fixed object. This is particularly convenient if you need to step a quick second away from your bag and want to prevent it from being stolen.

It clearly proves to be physically impenetrable, but with its extra feature of hidden RFID protected pockets it also prevents digital theft! Furthermore the Bobby Urban offers flexible usage and a large capacity up to 27 liters when using the roll-top design. Extra features include a Luggage strap, Additional net for extra bulky items such as a helmet, Padded dividers on the inside and it has a water repellent finish.

All in all: The Bobby Urban keeps you safe, protected, organized and on the move!

About XD Design

XD Design is a Dutch design brand with offices all over the world and over 30 years of experience. Their design studio is run by ambitious in-house designers from all over the world. “Sustainable design is in our DNA. We come up with everyday products that are original, accessible and functional.” That’s the idea, that’s XD Design.

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