While Thailand by large is a safe location for lady travellers, you should definitely take a few extra precautions to protect yourself and your belongings. So here are a couple of tips for solo female explorers to remember whilst travelling the beautiful country of Thailand.

Drive-by Bag Snatching

Ride-by bag grabbing is ending up progressively normal in Thailand. A motorbike zooms by close, the passenger on the back snatches your satchel from your shoulder and you’ve lost everything just like that! Passport, phone, wallet, keys… Not ideal.

Alarmingly, slipping one arm through the sack circle and the other over your head only makes it more dangerous. They won’t hesitate to drag you and the sack until the point where the handle breaks off or they’ll cut the handle with a knife. Be that as it may, there are a couple of basic precautionary actions you can take to secure yourself and your assets. from ride-by thieves.

Stroll far away from what many would consider the roadside and keep your pack in close proximity to your body. This won’t prevent it entirely, sometimes it’s just safer to keep your belongings (visa, passport ect) in a safe at your accommodation. If you do take a bag out with you – just carry enough money for that day. As for valuables such as cameras and phones, keep those in your pocket hidden away.


What to Wear

For all it’s acceptance, Thailand is still rather conservative when it comes to clothing. So women should conceal themselves – never go topless on the shoreline, and don’t stray away from the shoreline in swimwear. It’s helpful to keep a sun dress in your satchel, just on the off chance that you duck off to the more conservative areas.

Street Safety for Women

Particularly late during the evenings or through the back paths or avenues, there are potential dangers for woman and lone travellers. Women should try not to walk alone on a shoreline during the evening, including Sunrise Beach where they hold the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangang.

Don’t touch the monks

Never touch the monks or hand anything directly to them, setting it on the ground before them or offer it to a man to hand to them instead. Also ladies are not always welcome in a few sanctuaries so make sure you check the signs. And never sit next to a monk on public transport.

Unfortunately, feminism and women rights haven’t quite made their way into Thai society just yet.

Harassment Towards Women in Thailand

Similar to how European men assume that Thai young ladies are always “available” – many of the Thai men feel similarly about western women. They might get the wrong idea due to how tourist women dress. And if you’re sexually attacked, in spite of the fact that it’s obviously illegal, victim blaming will almost certainly crop up.


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