Is Spain your dream destination for applying for a second visa? Spain Golden Visa is the way to get it.

Spain Golden Visa is a residency by-investment program the country runs for non-EU citizens. With an investment of €500,000 in property, you can unlock your opportunity to be a Spain resident. To get a Spain investment residency, one must undergo several inspections, such as financial stability, background checks, and secure health insurance. You can visit to know more. Once approved by the authority, you get the residency.

With a residency in Spain, you can unlock many perks, such as free travel within the Schengen Zone, social benefits like quality education, quick and secure medical facilities, and so much more.

Let us talk in detail about the Spain Golden Visa and give you a step-by-step guide to get the visa approved simply and quickly.

Why Spain?

To start with, Spain is a country of divine beauty. It is a place of festival and celebration.

Small towns and villages in Spain provide a tranquil lifestyle and a connection to the natural world. Since they are off the usual path, these charming street flower pots and whitewashed cottages with wooden shutters make for an even more comfortable lifestyle.

Spanish is a language spoken and understood worldwide. Thus, you don’t have to struggle here with the language barrier. Spain is a place known for its top-class medical and educational facilities. It is even ranked top by the World Health Organisation for its medical facilities. The moderate temperature and elegant weather give the place an easy and relaxed lifestyle.

It is tough to unlock Spanish citizenship as it is complex and time-consuming. Yet, gaining Spain residency paves your way toward citizenship and makes the process less hectic.

Origin of Spain Golden visa

Spain’s Golden Visa program started in 2013. Also known as the Spain Residency by Investment Program, it has handled huge applications for Spanish residency. Through this procedure, investors can become residents of Spain without having to pass language or cultural tests.

After ten years of full-time residency, they can also apply for citizenship. The Spanish Golden Visa offers a stepping stone to foreign investors who wish to become Spanish citizens, even though Spain has no direct citizenship by investment option.

Step-by-step procedure To Apply for a Spain Golden Visa

Step 1. Due Diligence Test

Our team at Global Residence Index will conduct a Due Diligence Screening for the applicants. This screening test helps locate and minimise any potential errors in the application process. The process reduces the likelihood of application rejection and saves applicants time. Once you pass the test successfully, our team takes you to the next step, which is an investment.

Step 2: Investment Completion 

Investment is a part of the process that can take more than six months. Under this step, the applicant must invest in whichever route they want according to their needs. Our team will help the applicant take everything in the investment procedure in order during this step. 

The applicant will hire a lawyer with the power of attorney for them. The lawyer gets a taxpayer number for the investor and prepares their investment document. With the submission of the investment amount, the second step will be over.

Step 3: Application Submission 

Once the investment amount is transferred safely, the applicant/investor must physically visit Spain. They can make this tour on a tourist visa or any other applicable visa. The required documents will be prepared and translated if needed before application submission. 

Once the application is submitted, the Spain Police will take the fingerprints of the applicant and other family members who are moving with them. The family members must also visit Spain with the applicant/investor.

Step 4: Approval and Residence Permit Cards 

Now comes the final stage, where the application will be approved within 20 days. Within these 20 days, the application will be reviewed before approval. After approval, the applicant will receive a residence permit card. The validity for the first residence permit is two years.

Once the 2-year period ends, the investor must visit Spain again to renew the permit. For the second time, the validity extends for five years.

Benefits of Spain Golden Visa

Spain is one of the most credible countries in the European Union. The Spanish citizen gets benefits of social security, economic development, cultural tolerance, quality life resources, and, above all, visa-free travel to neighbouring countries. Being a Spain Residence, you can also avail all these benefits and lead a prosperous and ambitious lifestyle.

You can also anticipate the following benefits with the Spain Golden Visa:

Travel Benefits: 

A holder of a Golden visa from Spain gets the privilege of visa-free travel to all countries in the Schengen zone. Travellers to other Schengen countries can have a maximum of 90 days of stay in those countries every six months. Getting a visa for countries in the Schengen Zone is very complex, an area with millions of opportunities for career and business elevation. Thus, holding the Spain Golden Visa, you can unlock this opportunity almost for free.

Work and Business Benefits:

Living in Spain has abundant advantages for your business and profession. The holders or applicants of Spain Golden Visa can also get a work permit and continue their professional work and career in Spain. Entrepreneurs can even build or start a new company in Spain or move an existing one there. This professional flexibility makes the agreement even more profitable for visa holders.

Healthcare and Education:

Shifting to a new country with family, quick and efficient healthcare, and education availability are major concerns. In this field, Spain takes care of their citizens and residents the best. Spain has a socialised medical system. This implies that its citizens/residents have access to excellent healthcare that is either free or reasonably priced. 

A holder of a Spain Golden Visa can even get top-notch medical help from any Schengen country. In the education field, Spain also makes no compromise with quality. It provides quality and affordable academic facilities for Golden Visa holders.

Path to Citizenship:

Getting the direct citizenship of Spain is an uphill battle. But you can make your way easier with the Spain Golden Visa. Though the golden visa does not guarantee it, it makes the visa holder eligible to apply for citizenship after ten years of full-time residency in the country.

Exploring Alternatives: Full-Time Residency in Ireland

While Spain’s Golden Visa program offers a compelling path to residency, some individuals might find a different appeal in the options provided by Ireland. Unlike the real estate-focused approach of Spain, Ireland offers various visa pathways emphasising employment or educational ties for those seeking full-time residency.

Comparing Spain and Ireland:

In Spain, the Golden Visa program, initiated in 2013, is renowned for its residency-by-investment model, requiring a minimum investment of €500,000 in property. This pathway provides access to a vibrant lifestyle, healthcare, and education, with the added advantage of visa-free travel within the Schengen Zone. However, for those considering a different approach, Ireland’s full-time residency options prioritise factors such as employment and education, offering a unique entry into a country known for its rich cultural heritage and welcoming communities.

While Spain boasts a diverse landscape and a warm climate, Ireland’s charm lies in its tranquil small towns and villages, providing a distinct lifestyle connected to nature. Additionally, the language advantage, with English widely spoken, eliminates the language barrier often encountered in other European countries.

As you embark on your journey to secure residency, understanding the nuances of each country’s program is crucial. Whether you’re drawn to the festivity of Spain or the serene beauty of Ireland, carefully weighing your options will ensure that your chosen destination aligns with your aspirations for a second home.


You need to know everything about how to apply for a Spain Golden Visa and what benefits you can unveil holding this visa. Apply today and pave the way for a prosperous and relaxed life for you and your family on the Spanish land.

In case of any confusion, do not hesitate to contact Global Residence Index.


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