Tips for staying safe in the sun:

staying safe in the Sun | Sunscreen

This is the most obvious one! Wear a sunscreen which is water resistant so you can be safe while swimming. Remember to re-apply every two hours and don’t forget your lips and the tips of your ears. It’s also good to apply it 30 minutes before going outside so your skin has time to absorb it. The higher the factor, the better the protection!

staying safe in the Sun | Accessories

Accessories such as sunglasses and hats are totally in this year, which is good news for your skin. Wear them to protect yourself from the burn! And don’t be afraid to carry a ‘sun-brella’ around with you if you plan on being out in the sun for long periods of time.

staying safe in the Sun | Take A Break

Being exposed to the sun for long periods of time is obviously unhealthy and dangerous! It’s important to find shade or head inside for a while and give your skin a break. If you start feeling dizzy or nausea, get to safety straight away!

staying safe in the Sun | Staying Hydrated

You will find yourself becoming dehydrated much quicker when exposed to the sun – especially if you are active. Drink plenty of water and keep extra bottles in your room so you have water through the night!

staying safe in the Sun | Cover Up

If you have pale skin which burns easily, it’s a good idea to cover up in hot weather. Light coloured clothing will reflect sun rays away from you.

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