In a post-COVID world, travel is one of the most heavily affected areas. Scores of families were left dejected this summer as holidays abroad were being cancelled left, right and centre with the government’s stance on quarantine seemingly shifting by the day.

Still, there are those of us for whom a holiday isn’t a luxury but a necessity and that means there are still going to be holidaymakers flocking to sunnier shores, particularly as summer begins to fade and the kids start going back to school. But before you start excitedly booking that transfer from Alicante to  Benidorm, you might want to ask yourself how are we supposed to stay safe in an unfamiliar place when we’re not even sure how to behave in our own backyard?

Check-in online – The new normal is all about avoiding face-to-face contact wherever possible and this means utilising online check-in apps and services so that when you arrive at the terminal you can go straight through to departures. Even if you need to unload cargo luggage, there are services now that allow you to do so via an automated service.

Remain aware of social distancingSocial distancing is something we’ve all had to learn to deal with over the last 6 months and it’s going to be a part of our daily lives for the foreseeable future. In crowded areas such as airports, train stations, beaches and tourist spots, however, it can be tempting to let social distancing go and relax a little. You can’t afford to do that. Always remain aware of how close you are to other people, regardless of how cavalier other people might seem about the rules.Social DistancingKeep a lid on it – There’s a reason why live performances are one of the few areas of the economy yet to be fully brought back onto the public stage. In any situation where somebody is talking loudly, shouting or singing, they are dramatically increasing the number of particulates leaving their mouths. This is how coronavirus spreads. So, don’t shout, don’t sing and keep your voice down!

Mask up – Perhaps one of the most divisive elements of the pandemic has been the enforcement of masks. Depending on the country you’re visiting, mask-wearing is most likely going to be recommended or mandatory in certain situations. So, always keep a good supply of masks on your person and don’t neglect to wear one just because other people have decided the rules don’t apply to them.

Be honest – Finally, there’s absolutely no reason you should  even consider travelling if you’re exhibiting any symptoms of coronavirus. Not only are you putting others at risk but you’re unlikely to have a good time anyway and you might end up being stopped at the airport if they are measuring temperatures. Ultimately it boils down to good old fashioned common sense. And us Brits are famous for our common sense, right?

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