Top Picks of Entertainment For You To Enjoy On The Go

Traveling to different countries or just between different cities can be so exciting for most people, but sometimes traveling takes time so we need things to do to keep us occupied. Some people who like traveling in a group rarely get bored but how about when you’re alone? There are so many alternative ways to keep yourself busy whilst also enjoying the trip. You can use your mobile phone to enjoy the apps or games, or maybe to share and record your journey. Besides all that, there are also other things you can do to fill some free time like making a bit of extra money with just your phone. Sites like Shutterstock lets you submit your photos and earn money from doing so. If you’re not the type of person who likes to capture the moment, you can also try online betting. Sites like Smartbettingguide, which is an affiliate website for everything about betting, offers many types of betting such as esports, horse racing, anonymous cryptocurrency sports betting and also offers many useful tips, suggestions and carefully curated lists of the best betting companies out there. Now, betting on sports does not guarantee you a win all the time. In fact, it’s both a blend between skills (prediction and sharp analysis) as well as luck, because even though you’re sure your team has better odds, there’s still some external factor to be taken into account. 

Well, that’s enough for an introduction. Now let’s get to the good stuff.  Here we will explain more about what you can do during your journey, have a look!

Binge Watching Film Or TV Series

It helps us to kill time when we watch something. Either you’re a fan of watching films or tv series, many platforms such as Disney +, HBO, Amazon Prime and others can surely cover your needs.  You can download it first and then start watching to avoid lack of internet access on the road. There are countless amounts of content that you can watch. You can choose the recently premier tv series from Korea, Britain, Thailand, USA, or whichever your home country is. 

Another tip is that, you can join the trends and watch popular series such as Sex Education, Squid Game, The Witcher and many others while you’re up and about. Alternatively, if you already watch all the newest movies or tv series, you can choose the tv series based on how long you will be on the road or how long your flight will be. Plan ahead and don’t forget to get your favourite content downloaded, or you can use airplane free wi-fi when it’s reliable. There are so many popular Netflix series that you can enjoy and will keep you entertained during your trip. If it takes just one to two hour, you can choose a movie that can be finished in that hour. But if you have a long flight of 5-8 hours you can choose the long series that is suitable for your movie preference.

Playing Games

For those of you who like playing games, exciting genres like survival, FPS or simple games that can be played offline is even better. There are recommended chilling games with beautiful graphics like Angry Birds, Minecraft, and Pocket City. Besides that, a  game that works well with amazing sound and beautiful graphics can also make passing the time easy, and can sometimes help give wonderfully relaxed feelings. Enjoying games is  suitable for moments when you will remain waiting for some itinerary or on a queue, or just on a journey to someplace that takes a long time.

Listening To Your Favourite Content (Podcast, Music, Audiobook)

The keyword here is listening, which means other content that is not enjoyed with your eyes. It is better for you to download some apps to listen to the music because music will never get wrong vibes. Nowadays, there are so many choices for the apps from the free one or the premium one that must be paid to enjoy. The premium one such as Spotify and Tidal can be downloaded and enjoyed on the go. For the free version, you can enjoy Soundcloud. For the subscription option, it offers us the experience to enjoy the music without the annoying advertisement. To make it better, you can use headphones as well to avoid disturbing others around you. Music can make your entire traveling more fun. If you have motion sickness and feeling nausea, music can help your mind to be distracted. It will definitely make you feel much better because listening to music is the best therapy for motion sickness and nausea.

Besides that, listening to music while you are on the trip can help you fall asleep and rest. Hence it can make your body feel fresh again after you sleep. Music can decrease your stress levels, help you calm down because of the chemical  substances that we know, namely Serotonin and dopamine that are naturally released from our body while we listen to relaxing music. During your travel time you need to feel good and relaxed . 

The alternative content that you can enjoy on the go is listening to the podcast. Podcasts (the form) have a lot of content that you can access either from Youtube, Spotify or other platforms. This can be so interesting because it can give new knowledge while we are on the road. 

If you want something that is different from music or podcast, you must try the audiobook that you access with or without internet connection. Now, audiobooks can be a hit or miss depending on whether you like the physical feeling of a book, or you do not care that much for the form and focus more on the content itself.  Audiobooks really are a hassle-free way to enjoy a book. You can just go up and about your journey, put the headphones in, and enjoy people reading the book for you.

Reading Offline

Before, we discussed audiobooks. Now, for those who like to read but are not sure whether the weight of all books you have to carry will slow you down or not, you can try using an e-reader. There are so many apps that allow you to read books everywhere with your gadget and it’s offline so you will not be worried of an unstable internet connection. If you prefer a close experience to the real book, you can try using an e-book reader like Amazon Kindle. You can read everywhere even if you are abroad but remember that not all content is available in all regions or countries. It is important that you download the books offline  and make sure it is already downloaded to 100%.The amount of books you can download depends on how much free storage you have on the internal memory of your device, but books generally require very little space compared to other types of content.


Travelling can be boring, but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many things you can do to make your journey more fun. Things such as watching movies, playing offline games, listening to music, or reading offline from your favourite book or novel can really help you pass the time and to some extent helps you be more relaxed and avoid common issues like nausea and stress.

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