Travel is back! This year, it is expected that travel will finally return to its pre-pandemic numbers. While the world is a changed place, for those who love tech and travel, things are looking up. Here’s some of the tech essentials everyone should have in their digital survival kit, no matter where your adventures are taking you.

Travel Tech Essentials

A Cord Organiser

There’s no two ways around it- travel with tech means a whole lot of cords and accessories need to come along too. And no one wants to spend half their holiday trying to find the right charger, or untangling a mess of wires, instead of soaking up the sun like the doctor ordered. Kit yourself out with a nifty cord organiser (or three) that will help you keep everything neat and tidy, and you’ll eliminate half the headaches before you even hit the road.

Wired Headphones

Did you know that aviation authorities are still out on whether wireless headphones should be used on a plane? As we all know, they prefer to keep the potential for device interference at a minimum on flights. If you’re looking to catch up on your streaming misses, or just prefer to create your own bubble while in transit, a solid pair of wired headphones is the better bet. Bonus points if they’re noise canceling, too!

A Smartwatch

Sure, it will help you if you are worried about getting your steps in while snacking on holiday luxuries. But a good smartwatch can do a lot more, too. Today, so many of our boarding passes, credit cards, and other key items are linked to our phones- but trying to shuffle your luggage around to haul your phone out isn’t always convenient, and most smart travelers don’t want to draw attention to their gadgets. If you opt for a smartwatch that’s linked to your phone, you can keep things a lot more convenient- and subtle- then you otherwise would be able to.

An Upgraded Adapter

Sure, travel adapters are a thing every smart traveler knows about- but how about an international adapter that allows for fast charging and has in-built USB ports? Now that is smart! No one wants to hang around the hotel room waiting for their phone to charge- and with the right travel adapter, you won’t have to.

A Portable Power Bank

Talking about charging… No one wants to miss out on a perfect photo because their phone flattened halfway through your day of adventure. Power up your travels with a smart, compact, and robust power bank, so you can charge on the run and always stay connected. There’s some quality solar charging power banks out there, now, too. While a powered one you can recharge overnight at the hotel may give you better bang for your buck, if you’re heading somewhere off the grid, solar could be a lifesaver.

There’s a wealth of fun and practical gadgets you can use to power up your travels, so while we all love to travel light, adding a few tech goodies to your carry on will revolutionise how you travel.

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