Water park safety – Mumbai has been enjoying good summers every year. Interestingly, the city is dotted with an abundance of exciting water parks. Locals as well as travellers flock to these top-rated parks that boast spine-chilling slides and mind-blowing rides including wave pools, rain dance, and the kiddie’s pool. To make it a safe fun day out in water parks, there are few things that you must consider:

Wear the right dress

You are going to be in the water, under the sun and enjoying the rides throughout the day. The first thing is comfortable attire that beats the heat and keeps you away from sunstroke. This includes wearing water shoes for splashing fun. Get a hat, sunglasses, and a loose t-shirt for catching the in-between breaks. Slap some sunscreen to cherish your skin later.

Make sure your kids are of suitable age

The guidelines of every water park in Mumbai mention the ideal age. Even though your kid excels in swimming and is a pure water baby, the stunts, slides, and rides that are performed in water parks are different. After a while, kids as well as adults will get physically and mentally tired. The twists and turns, fatigue, heat, and the waves of the pool will deprive them of energy, eventually. This might create a risky situation for them. So, frequently remind kids that whenever they feel tired or exhausted, they must take a rest.

Supervise your kids at the water park

Water parks in Mumbai are tourist places and are often crowded, especially in hot weather and off-season. You must prepare when you are carrying your kids.

  • Keep an eye on your kids, even if there is a lifeguard on duty.
  • Never leave them alone near a pool or any water source, including portable pools.
  • Keep younger ones and toddlers in the shallow play areas.
  • Discuss who will supervise the kids, how will kids keep track of their belongings, and where will kids take their naps.

Keep a safety kit

Continuously playing, sitting, and standing under the sun could result in heatstroke or other health concerns. You must be aware of where the first aid stations and AEDs are in the area. It will be handy if you carry necessary medicines or items that you or your family could need in case of emergencies. Take frequent breaks and watch out for the signs of heatstroke.

Stay hydrated

Everyone understands how important it is to be hydrated all the time. Particularly, when you are under the sun all day having fun and playing. So, recharge yourselves by drinking plenty of water. Try to avoid any caffeinated sodas or drinks with artificial sweeteners as it could result in dehydration.

Don’t run around slippery areas

It’s easy to forget things and go crazy with excitement. But do remember that it’s a water park and it can have many slippery decks and slick ground, especially by the pool areas. It can be dangerous to run around wet and smooth sidewalks. Avoid flip flops.

Follow the water park rules

Every water park has laid a few basic rules that the visitors must abide by. Water parks are filled with slides and rides, that are built according to a certain height and weight. It’s no matter whether a child is mature for the ride or not, pay attention to size/height restrictions on rides and slides. Listen to the lifeguards/ trainers’ instructions before setting for the slide. Read all safety precautions and tips relating to height, age, swimming ability, and medical condition. It will be favourable if all the family members have basic knowledge about swimming.

Understand these rules and you will have safe and unbridled fun in the water parks of Mumbai.

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