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Explorer, writer and photographer Levison Wood speaks to us about his epic expeditions around the world. He’s walked the length of the river Nile, the length of the Himalayas, all of Central America, he’s crossed the Caucasus Mountains from Russia to Iran and most recently completed a 5,000 mile circumnavigation of the Arabian peninsula taking in countries including Iraq, Syria and Yemen. We caught up with Levison to talk about the dangers of the wildlife he encounters along the way, the wars he walks through, a terrible crash which nearly ended his life and his latest and riskiest trek yet: Journeys through the Badlands & Beyond.

Tommy Walker shares his experiences having been on the road and travelled across 6 continents since 2012.

Features: El Nido Palawan, Vietnam, Bourbon Street, Egypt, 4Ocean, beach games, travel blogging and more…

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