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Australia is an excellent place to visit if you worship the sun, because every day is a beach day over in Oz! Check out our 6 incredible experiences you can’t miss in Australia for some inspiration!

We also spent some time in the magical and mysterious Ukraine. Venturing into the hidden gems of the beautiful city Lviv, we explore and review the best places to eat and drink in this amazing medieval yet modern place.

Staying quite close to home, we share with you our experience of spending 3 days in Paris. Giving you the lowdown on travel and accommodation tips, and provide suggestions on places not to be missed whilst in the ‘CityofLove’.

Star of the (Netflix and NatGeo) series ‘Life Below Zero’, Sue Aikens takes a moment to talk to us about her life living in the wild, miles away from civilisation and why she loves it. Despite facing life threatening challenges on a daily basis, she reminds us just how much of an inspiration she is, not only as an iconic female figure, but as a human being.

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