Are you an aspiring writer or journalist? Think you’ve got great writing skills, fresh ideas and experience in travel? Why not become a contributor for TPG and get your work out there for all to see!

By becoming a contributor you will gain access to a contributor login area, which will enable you to send articles directly to our site, for us to check. Once approved, your work will be published for the world to see! You can also include links to your socials and write a bio on your personal author page, which will link to all of your TPG articles. Many of our contributors have gone on to land amazing media jobs with the likes of BBC, Channel 4, Sky and The Guardian newspaper! Furthermore, as we continue to grow we will be looking to expand and offer more opportunities to TPG contributors. We’re currently working on a “Contributor of the Month” section, whereby points are awarded each time we approve your work, and the author with the most points per month will be featured on our home page, which attracts high profile people within the travel sector. What’s more the contributor of the month will also be rewarded with a prize! Lastly, we select our favourite articles to appear in the magazine which reaches nearly half a million readers!

If you’re interested in getting your work out there and wish to become a TPG contributor, please follow the simple steps below:

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4) Write your unique piece and then hit the “Submit for Review” button.

What happens next?… We will receive a notification that you’ve sent us an article, check your feature, add the correct categories, SEO keywords and approve it!

We have some very exciting plans for TPG, and hope you can join us on this amazing journey, providing travel enthusiasts with brilliant travel content whilst getting your work published on a reputable travel website/magazine.

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