Seven out of ten British tourists travel to go out partying and 63% of them plan to go out every night at their holiday destination.

The recovery of tourism has been a reality this summer, millions of British tourists have returned to travel after the last few years of the pandemic, in which restrictions and coronavirus fear caused their numbers to fall drastically. But not all British travel to enjoy the rich culture, gastronomy, museums, infrastructures or beaches and good weather of their destinations. According to a recent survey done by the powerful search engine for flights and hotels Jetcost, one of the main reasons for many British tourists to travel is to go out partying.

The Jetcost team has conducted a survey as part of a study about British holidays in the summer of 2022. The study was conducted among 2,500 people over the age of 18 who were to travel abroad.

Initially, all respondents were asked if they would only choose a single holiday destination this summer, to which 86% answered yes. Then, they were asked what was the main reason for their trip, being able to give three reasons each, these were the most common answers:

– Enjoying the sea and beaches (82%).
– Enjoying the gastronomy (74%).
– Going out partying (72%).
– Visiting monuments and tourist attractions (69%).
– Shopping (66%).
– Visiting museums (58%).
– Enjoying good weather (53%).
– Visiting churches and cathedrals (46%).
– Visiting villages (42%).
– Enjoying beautiful landscapes and nature (38%).
– Participate in popular festivals (23%).

All those surveyed by the Jetcost UK team who had chosen “to go out partying” were asked how often they planned to go out drinking on their holiday days, and their responses were: every night (63%), half the nights (21%), a third of the nights (16%).

These are the countries most selected by British tourists to go out partying:
1. Spain.
2. Italy.
3. The Netherlands.
4. Greece.
5. Portugal.

Ignazio Ciarmoli, Marketing Director of Jetcost, said: “Millions of British tourists have travelled this summer. The vast majority choose their destinations for their good weather, their beaches, their cultural richness in the form of churches, monuments and museums, but not all, as we have seen in this survey, there are many British tourists who chose a destination to go partying and have a few drinks. As with everything in life, if it is done in moderation and always with respect for others, it is fine.”


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