As you travel the world, you should really do your research on local laws; as it turns out, there are some pretty crazy ones out there you could be totally oblivious in breaking.

Craziest Laws | No Buddha selfies or tattoos, Sri Lanka

That’s right, tourists could be refused entry into the country, or even convicted, for having visible tattoos of Buddha. This is due to the mistreatment of Buddhist images and artefacts. The FCO also warns that no selfies should be taken with Buddhist statues.

Craziest Laws | No camo, Caribbean 

Caribbean countries such as Barbados and St.Lucia do not allow the wearing of camouflage clothing. This is because the government does not want civilians being mistaken for police officers.

Craziest Laws | No suspicious salmon, UK

You’ve probably heard of this infamous law; in 1986, parliament passed a law that states it is illegal to be holding salmon in circumstances that may be suspicious… I’d like to know what happened for this law to be created. It sounds a little fishy.LawsCraziest Laws | No weird baby names, Denmark

The Kardashians would be screwed; if you want to name your baby something other than the 7,000 approved baby names in Denmark, then you need to get approval from the government.

Craziest Laws | No naked hiking, Switzerland

This law was passed in 2009 after a German man hiked naked past a family who were picnicking in the Alps. As a result, the Swiss kindly ask that you don’t go hiking without your clothes…

Craziest Laws | No whistling, Canada

The city of Petrolia has a pretty strict law on excessive sound; it doesn’t allow whistling, singing, or shouting at any time. Have you seen that film, The Quiet Place? I don’t think this city is for me.

Craziest Laws | No road chickens, Georgia

In the state of Georgia, it is actually illegal to let your chickens cross the road. Seriously. To put it simply, the law was passed to encourage chicken owners to keep them under control at all times.Laws
Craziest Laws | No peeing in the sea, Portugal

It’s frowned upon in most countries, but it’s illegal in Portugal. But in all honesty, how can you prove someone is really doing their business in the ocean? However, out of respect for other beach goers, you should just hold it.

Craziest Laws | No late night flushing, Switzerland

It seems Switzerland a few strange laws. This one is bad news for pregnant women and those with upset stomachs – but it is illegal to flush toilets after 10pm in Switzerland as it is considered noise pollution.

Craziest Laws | No unplanned dying, France

A town in France called Sarpourenx has a law that says you can’t die without technically planning for it or purchasing a burial plot. Anyone who dies anyhow, will apparently be severely punished. I’m curious as to how one punishes the dead.

Craziest Laws | Don’t forget your wife’s birthday, Samoa

It’s a literal crime to forget the birthday of your wife; but who would forget the birthday of the most important person in their life?

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