Greece announces the suspension of covid travel restrictions

Last month, the UK government announced it would be officially removing all Covid travel restrictions in the UK. It was a change that many rejoiced over, but this change only removed half of the ‘problem’.

Only a small number of countries have also removed their restrictions in the same way, meaning travel to most countries still requires jumping through some hoops. And even the countries actively open for tourism, some still have small remaining pre-requisites for visiting the country. For example, requiring a fully vaxxed status or  continued mask mandates.

However, Greece is the latest country to announce that they will be following in the UK’s footsteps. Greece’s health minister has shared that as of May 2nd it will be suspending all remaining Covid travel restrictions.

Although, there is one important difference to note between Greece’s and the UK’s lifting of travel restrictions.  Greece has shown a willingness to reinforce these measures, should the situation change in the country. As the health minister, Mr Plevris, emphasised this is a suspension of the rules rather than an outright ban.

The British public have very quickly taken to Twitter to share their delight at the change in rules, as many suggest the country will be their chosen destination for summer holidays.

It’s not quite smooth sailing yet

However, despite the growing buzz surrounding Greece’s removal of travel restrictions in time for summer, fears still persist about the reliability of airlines over the coming months. Airlines in the UK are cancelling hundreds of flights due to shortages of staff. From Covid-related absences to trying to recover from the redundancies made during the first two years of the pandemic.

The future of holidays abroad are not secure yet. As John O’Neill, North West Regional Industrial Officer for Unite, has claimed “summer is going to be far worse than this. It is the time to get everything in place otherwise summer is going to very difficult”.


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