You’ve finally got some time off, and your only job now is finding an exotic vacation spot. Will it be Africa, Asia, or South America? Either way, stunning scenery, wildlife and sunset cocktails aren’t the only things you might encounter, but don’t fall victim to mosquito bites and risk ruining your holiday!

Unfortunately, the annoying mosquito is currently causing a big buzz. In fact, cases of malaria through mosquito bites have been brought back to the UK from holiday destinations around the world are at a 15-year high.1 The disease is hard to spot, could land you with some wallet-emptying hospital bills, and as several UK travellers found out in 20171, can be potentially fatal.

It’s time to separate fantasy from fiction and check out these 5 fast facts before you head off on holiday:

1. Covering up? Not enough.

Mosquito bites can be prevented and this is the first line of defence against malaria. You can deck yourself out in protective clothing, but getting a bite may still be possible.2

2. Life’s (still) tough in the big city.

Whether you’re out with Mother Nature beside a raging bonfire, or chilling indoors in a major metropolis, you can still get infected.

3. Garlic, Vitamins B1 or B12, ultrasonic devices, homeopathic remedies, yeast extract spread (such as Marmite), and tea tree oils will not protect you. 2,3

While some seasonings might repel a vampire, mosquitoes causing malaria aren’t so picky.

4. Few are granted immunity.

There’s no justice in double jeopardy. Even if you’ve had malaria before, you may get it again.

5. This parasite doesn’t discriminate.

Even if you were born in a country at risk for malaria, you may still get it.

While malaria is still a big deal, protecting yourself with an antimalarial doesn’t have to be.

  • Maloff Protect* is an antimalarial tablet, available without a prescription.
  • Maloff Protect can be started 1-2 days before your trip. That’s right! Check with your pharmacist, travel clinic, online pharmacy or at the airport, to see if Maloff Protect is right for you. It’s a handy convenience for last minute packers.

Mosquito bites

*A full travel health consultation with your pharmacist is required. For maximum protection against malaria, take steps to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes as well as taking your antimalarial medicine. Maloff Protect is for adults aged 18 and over only.


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