Not On InstagramPictures always have – and always will be – one of the best things about a holiday. Being able to look back on your photos brings back all the fun and laughter, chatting about the experiences you had and the memories you made. But is it their carefully curated Instagram pages that people are looking back on? Or is it the more candid, less-than-perfect shots on their camera rolls they’re flicking through? Which is it that triggers the memories and starts those stories off?

There has been an undeniable shift in recent years, towards people wanting to portray the “perfect” trip: endless posing, skilful edits and filter after filter, all adding a certain gloss to their globetrotting. But are these pictures actually representative of the experience they were having? Or is it all an Insta-façade?

Despite this change in how people are portraying their travels to their followers though, experience is still the most important part of travel for most people. Even if they are getting carried away with getting the perfect shot, it is still an experience they’re trying to portray, even if an edited and perfected version of it (and who can blame them when your smart phone can take shots of such incredible quality?!)

Not On Instagram

But valuing those experiences is really something that travel specialists Travelbag wanted to highlight. Launching their new campaign, Not on Instagram, Travelbag want to champion the stories behind travel photos and prove that pictures really do speak a thousand words, even if they’re not perfect. Finding real life stories from some of the most popular tourist spots across Australia and Thailand, Travelbag want to show that the memories that you regale your friends and family with when you’re back home are often not the ones you post on Instagram, because they’re not perfect. They’re messy and funny and scary and whacky, but they’re definitely not perfect. Whether it’s finding Australia’s most dangerous snake curled up in your rucksack or trying to collect up dead kangaroos in the outback, these are the memories that will stick with you forever and that’s what Travelbag wanted to remind people of. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get that amazing, influencer worthy photo of your trip, as long as you have a tonne of memories you’ll never forget.

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