What is money in today’s time? They say that money now rules the world. People steal, kill, cheat, work for money… Theoretically, to have something, you have to buy it, and that’s what money is for. However, we can only talk about material things, and not about real things, feelings, and values. What we can feel about money, during Auschwitz tours?

How did it used to be?

For us now, values such as: freedom, the ability to speak your mind, tolerance in terms of clothing, religion, or political and sexual views is something normal, obvious, and any opposition is immediately criticized and respected by law. However, history has shown us more than once that this was not always the case.

Auschwitz Museum experienced guide

Not once Poles were under the partitions, under the rule of other countries, where the freedom of the citizens was restricted, where they could not profess their values, their religion, develop in chosen directions or even identify themselves with Polishness. It was forbidden to use one’s native language, it was forbidden to move around freely or to buy any food. Not to mention the persecution of religious practitioners, or writers, artists, etc. who wanted to fight for freedom. Because that is what it is all about.

Money can’t buy what is real

Is life a work of chance? Not necessarily. It can be questioned for religious or moral reasons, but without a doubt it can be said that it is a priceless value that no money in the world can buy. Nobody has the power and money to buy a second or third life. There are many more such priceless values in life, such as health, positive energy or joy. These are some of the most important values for us, thanks to which we can fully enjoy everyday life and achieved goals, or just enjoy the usefulness of material things.

Unfortunately, there are things over which we have no influence. At any time we can fall ill with a disease for which there is no cure. So fortune will not help us at such a time. Another great value is acquired knowledge, experience, or innate intelligence. We cannot buy it with any money. Fact – money can help us in gaining this knowledge, but first of all we need willingness. Contacts and interpersonal relations, i.e. friendship, love, family – this cannot be replaced by the most expensive car, travel in the best hotels, or a gold card. Even with the best intentions, we will not be able to sincerely like or love someone.

Happiness is paradoxically a value that is usually experienced by those who do not have the average amount of money. There are many poor people around the world, but they are happy because they have family and friends. From the experience of rich people, you can conclude that they are unhappy. Desperate businessmen or lost movie stars in the big world of fame and money, after all, are not an uncommon sight.

Auschwitz Museum experienced guideWhat the history of World War II and Auschwitz teaches us

They say that history likes to come full circle, let’s hope not. There are some things that people have the most influence on and can steer and create history through their actions and lusts. The desire for money and possessions has experienced more than once that it leads to war, misunderstandings, with tragic consequences and suffering for millions of people. The mass exterminations carried out during the Holocaust were the result of a sense of power, superiority, and a desire for territory. Learning from the mistakes of the past, we should educate today’s youth and instill in them a sense of respect for freedom, tolerance, and forbearance towards others. On the other hand, today’s presidents, and all those in power, should strive to reach an agreement and jointly solve conflicts, so that there will never again be a situation of mass destruction of humanity, starvation, and torture.

Experience history at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum

Visiting the museum in Oswiecim we have a chance to see the remaining monuments, gas chambers and conditions in which prisoners lived. Before the entrance to the museum, above the main gate, there is an inscription “Work makes you free”. This has nothing to do with the reality that took place there every day. In fact, those who were able to work had the right to live. The others were just a superfluous creation on this earth, and were therefore immediately condemned to death, along with their children.

Walking through the concentration camp with an experienced guide, you can see the remaining books, shoes, diaries, and even remnants of human hair. On the walls hang pictures of prisoners, their tattooed bodies, or hear many interesting facts about nutrition and hard labor. The most drastic place is the famous wall of death, where you can still see the remains of dried human blood.

Auschwitz Museum tour and transportation

While in Krakow, it is easy to travel to the former Nazi extermination site using public transportation or train services. Tickets are cheap, and rides run regularly, back and forth, every day. However, it takes a couple of hours to visit the museum Auschwitz, so it’s best to head there first thing in the morning.

If you are more concerned about comfort and convenience, and want to visit the museum with an experienced guide, it is recommended to take advantage of the wide range of offers that can be found on the Internet, by tour companies in Krakow. They organize both group and private tours to Oświęcim, including transportation, entrance tickets and guide/pilot care. It is worth booking such a trip to Auschwitz in advance and not worrying about buying tickets, parking the car or storing luggage. Experienced KrakowDirect from Krakow guarantees its clients a comfortable ride, tickets and sightseeing with a multilingual guide.



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