Bavaria is a federal state located in South-East Germany, it’s a place with lots to offer, but often gets overlooked in favour of more famous places, such as Berlin and Hamburg. However, Bavaria’s best lakes are actually some of the most breath-taking and incredible lakes you could possibly imagine.

You don’t have to travel thousands of miles to another continent to find clear blue water with a heavenly backdrop. This guide to Bavaria’s best lakes will leave you wanting to pack your bags and get the next flight out to Bavaria.

1) Eibsee

This lake 100km Southwest of Munich is like a real-life utopia. With sparkling blue water, a mountainous backdrop and the ubiquity of gorgeous, tall evergreen trees, you’re bound to fall in love the moment you arrive.

It’s ideal for a swim on a warm summer’s day, or if you prefer, you can rent out some paddleboats for the hour. And if that’s not enough for you, it’s also the base of the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain. So, if you want to see the lake from new heights, plan a cable car trip up to the top for unbelievable scenery. This is undoubtably one of Bavaria’s best lakes.

2) Walchensee

Situated in the municipality town of Kochel am See, this Bavarian lake will make you wonder where Bavaria has been all your life. As one of the largest alpine lakes in Germany, its beauty is speech-robbing.  You might have to get a bus up the mountains to find it, but the views sure make it worth the wait.

3) Obersee

This natural lake on the border of Austria is amongst the best lakes in Bavaria. Aside from its stunning beauty, it’s famous for its two boathouses, and it’s a great spot for hiking. Although, it requires particularly careful planning beforehand to make sure you take the right ferries.

And make sure you bring your camera, because this one has stunning photo opportunities!

4) Bodensee

This border-crossing lake is famous for being situated in close proximity to multiple different countries. Next to the border of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the principality of Liechtenstein.

It’s one of the most lively and popular lakes amongst tourists and locals, with Christmas markets during the festive period, water sports in the warmer months and city-hopping across the lake via ferry. This unique spot is one you won’t forget!

5) Tegernsee

Bavaria's best lakes

Lake Tegernsee – Bavaria’s best lakes

Located at the base of the Bavarian alps, this gorgeous spot is immensely popular for its scenic and peaceful atmosphere. However, it is on the more expensive side if you’re looking to properly immerse yourself in its Bavarian culture.

With plenty of places to eat, it’s great for foodies. And if you’re a fan of ski sports, then the cross-country ski trails in winter months might appeal to you. Or if you’re an adrenaline-junkie looking to take it a step further, then you might like the sound of paragliding!

Bavaria’s Best Lakes | Summary

Overall, Bavaria’s numerous lakes and heavenly landscapes are one of the state’s biggest and best features. And speaking from experience, I can guarantee you it’s somewhere you won’t want to miss.

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