The South East Country of Singapore is well known throughout the world, it is among the most popular tourist destination in the Asian continent. It attracts a lot of travelers from all around the world, things that make this place so popular include the super modern lifestyle, cultural diversity, delicious food, super clean infrastructure and nightlife.

Here are some of the most exciting places in Singapore which you should definitely explore.

The Night Safari Experience

People traveling to Singapore should definitely explore this once. The night safari is a close experience to the wild life in the night. The experience can only be taken during the evening till midnight.

The wildlife park is home to many wild animals such as tigers, cats, alligators along with 120 species of animals. With designated walking footpaths and bridges to walk on, it is indeed a view worthwhile.

The National Gallery Of Singapore

The historic National Gallery of Singapore was once a City Hall along with Old Supreme Court buildings. Now it is a modern structure which hosts some of the vital collection of modern Singapore and South East Asian arts depicting the historic importance and heritage.

This place is highly visited by a lot of people coming to this Island country. The place is easily accessible and the tickets can be booked through several platforms such as Sistic, Klook etc.

Explore The Vast Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is considered to be among the best zoos in the world, the massive zoo is spread across 69 Acres. The place is designed in such a way that the animals roam freely in their natural habitat-like structures.

The travelers traveling to this place can get views of African Lion, African Painted Dog, Asian Elephant, Chimpanzee, Cheetah, Brown Lemur, Douc Langur along with so many others as well.

The Stunning Gardens By The Bay

The Gardens by the Bay is a super modern 249 Acres of land which is also a place of bio domes, Super tree grove, cloud forest, the children garden and many more. It’s also one of the highly preserved gardens which were established in 2012.

This place is among the most attractive tourist destinations for everyone who visits Singapore. It also offers refreshment areas, restaurants, dining spaces and more for the people looking for delicious refreshments. The super gardens stun the visitors with its amazing lights and music Garden Rhapsody Show in the evening.

Sentosa Island

The Sentosa Island is an Island resort in the area which provides a lot of fun activities and entertainments to the people visiting this place. It is indeed a perfect place to spend a family time. These are some of the popular activities which can be enjoyed here in Sentosa –

  • Enjoy in Adventure Cove Water park
  • Butterfly park
  • Fort Siloso Skywalk
  • Dolphin Island
  • Movies Session
  • Foods and Drinks

Shopping At Orchard Road

Ask any Singaporean ‘where to shop’? The Orchard Road is the most common answer as it is one of the best destinations to select your products from a wide variety of options.

The place is filled with big malls, shopping brands stores, designer shop, electronics super markets and more.

The malls situated here in the Orchard Road also have a lot of delicious food options to offer which you can enjoy while shopping from this place. The products which you can buy from here are electronics, fashion products, baby products, make up products and accessories.

Day out at Universal Studios

Universal Studios Singapore is a highly popular Hollywood based theme park in Singapore, the theme park is divided into seven worlds which have different uniqueness of their own.

The Universal Studios of Singapore is a popular picnic destination for families.

There are a lot of entertainment options at Universal Studios such as S.E.A Aquarium, Adventure Cove Water Park, The Maritime Experiential Museum, Sunset sail, and more.

Along with this, there are also some of the finest dining experiences of Asian, Western, Bars and Lounges, Private Dining and lot more.

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