Baku portrays an amazing blend of medieval and traditional architecture which is also both modern and lavish. Many tourists who visit Baku, love to visit the ‘Land of Fire’. Although many people find the city of Baku expensive. So they try to indulge in some amazing and interesting destinations. These destinations offer the utmost zeal and serendipity. Baku is currently one of the trending places that are attracting a lot of tourists these days. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of the city and things that you can expect when traveling to Baku.

The city is called the “City Of Winds”. It is created as the walled city of the medieval era and stands against the modern skyscrapers with LED screens. It is one of the vital sea trade port along the Caspian Sea. It becomes the cultural and commercial center and hub of Azerbaijan. The streets that are made of cobblestone in Baku are listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage-listed Old City located at the heart of the city. The city also having a maze of alleyways that provide the best views from the Maiden Tower.  One can wander in the Royal Palace of Shrivanshah. It is famous to have the mausoleum of the great philosopher Seyid Yahya Bakuvi. There you can witness the majestic mosque with huge minarets. These are one of the prominent places of historical significance in the area.

Also, you can get inspiration while you soak up in the sea breeze alone the Baku Boulevard that is inspired by the European culture. The place is lined up with some unique style art and other installations that go all the way to the waterfront. It gets spread out from the Old City to the Freedom Square. It is made up of mansion’s that were built by the oil barons of Baku decades ago.

From the trade point of view, Baku is a vital trade hub on the Silk Road. There is no other place ideal enough to witness the history of the place. Visit Azerbaijan Carpet Museum on Baku Boulevard. Here you can see carpets and rugs woven via different techniques from the 17th to the 20th century. Also, you can have a glimpse of the jewelry from the Bronze Age and many attractive ceramics from Azerbaijan.

The city is going to give a different experience if you are someone who wants to have some after-dark experience. You can wander into the hills located behind Baku where the Burning Mountain or like locals call it, the “Yanar Dag” illuminates through the night. This is the result of the continuous burning of flames emerging from the gas seeping from under the surface. It has been there since the time of the great explorer Marco Polo. He is a witness the place during the 13th century.

Baku has one of the international airport located at a distance of around 30 minutes on the eastern part of the city center. The name of the airport is the Heydar Aliyev International. The airport is connected to destinations like Turkey, Georgia and other destinations across Azerbaijan via train. There are also trams and a highly advanced metro system that gets people to almost all corners of the city.

If you are a backpacker and are looking forward to traveling to Baku, let’s have a look at the hostels where you can find some affordable accommodation. Also, you can find an amazing social experience during your stay in Baku. Here are a few picks:

The Main Street Hostel:

The Main Street Hostel is one of the strategic locations if you are looking forward to exploring the city of Baku. It takes around 5 minutes if you are traveling on foot and somewhere around 10 minutes to get to Ichen Sheher which is one of the historic places of Baku. This is place boasts the Fountain Square and the Nizami Street. Many visitors have to select between a low-cost bed in a mixed dorm, a studio apartment or a family room. The Main Street Hostel has a home-like feeling with a shared lounge. People who have been to this place admire the warm and hospitable environment along with the cleanliness. The staff are very friendly and it also provides help in arranging tours for people who love to see around the city.

Location: Nizami St., 50, Baku 1001, Azerbaijan

Tripadvisor Ratings: 4.5/5

Loft Hostel Baku:

If you are someone who can do without all the luxuries, you can have a look at the Loft Hostel, Baku. It has one of the lowest prices in the city. Here you can avail a bed in separate dorms that are meant for male and female guests. These guys serve breakfast which is highly affordable for backpackers who are on a tight budget. The place has a lively and colorful environment that makes the entire environment pleasant throughout. The hostel has an ideal location. It is located somewhere near to Baku’s main transport hub 28 May Metro. If you are a backpacker who is looking for a low-cost bed in a neat and clean dorm, Loft Hostel will get you what you need at an affordable rate.

Location: 49 Rashid Behbudov Street, Baku AZ1014, Azerbaijan

Tripadvisor Ratings: 5/5

White City Hostel:

White City Hostel might not get you the ideal location. It is located at a farther distance from them Icheri Sheher, it has a lot of other stuff to look at. It gets backpackers with more comfort and an extremely hospitable staff. The White City Hostel is located at a 10-minute walk from Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center. The Cultural Center is a symbol of the architectural excellence of the city. It has air-conditioned rooms in their mixed dorms and is available at a very low rate. The rooms also have a bathroom that is shared by guests and an access to facilities like kitchen and many other cool things to enjoy. You also get free slippers and toiletries. The staff is also very hospitable and are on their toes to serve you if you need anything. Also, these guys provide you with travel tips and are also going to suggest your day trips as well. Backpackers on a thin budget always find White City Hostel quite amazing.

Location: Yusif Safarov 62/76, Baku 1025, Azerbaijan

Tripadvisor Ratings: N/A

My Hostel Baku:

My Hostel Baku is located somewhere near to Xetai Metro Station. It is one of the most popular choices amidst backpackers. It becomes a low-cost bedding option with mixed accommodation and dorms that are for females. The place has a pink wall decor and new beds. Each of the beds have their own lamp that provide them with privacy while people sleep in their sleeping areas.

Location: Rashid Behbudov Street 31A, Baku 1000, Azerbaijan

TripAdvisor Rating: N/A

Guest House Inn & Hotel:

People who are looking forward to visiting have the choice to select between having a low-cost bed in a mixed dorm and a twin room. Even if you have privacy in your living area, the guest house has a hostel environment. The hostel is at a short walking distance from the May Metro located in the Nasimi District. The rooms are air-conditioned and guests have cooking facilities. If you are a couple or a simple tourist looking for some privacy and a socially comfortable environment this place is perfect.

Location: Azadlig Ave, 16/21, Baku 1010, Azerbaijan

TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5

Sahil Hostel & Hotel:

The Sahil Hostel & Hotel is one of the best places rated by backpackers and tourists from around the world. It has a colorful and modern touch as far as the hostel and its amenities are concerned. The hostel is located a 2 minute walk from the Baku Boulevard. Also, it’s at a distance of around one kilometer from the Icheri Sheher. The Sahil Hostel & Hotel is not only comfortable but also it is one of the perfect spots for a little sightseeing as well. The beds are available in mixed or in female dorms. They are air-conditioned with a balcony. The place also offers Wi-Fi that is available at little or no cost. The rooms are quiet and very stylish with a travel-themed decoration. You will be surprised to know that the place also provides bicycles on a rental basis and helps arrange tours. For people who don’t like to dine out, there is a separate kitchen and washing machine facilities too.

Location: Zarifa Aliyeva Street 27 | 4th Floor, Baku 1019, Azerbaijan

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5

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