It needn’t be said that Christmas is the most magical of holiday seasons. Between the warmth of connection and the beauty of the cold, there is so much to love about this season of giving – but the time you are given to enjoy it all is the most valuable of all. With that time, there are many that take their Christmas spirit abroad, to the snow-capped peaks of Europe’s most ski-able mountains.

Indeed, the weeks surrounding Christmas are arguably the busiest for ski resorts, as snowsports enthusiasts and festive holidaymakers alike descend on the slopes for a season-appropriate holiday of fun in the winter sun. But what exactly might the new ski holidaymaker expect to find in a ski resort at Christmas? And which resorts are the best to visit in Europe?

What to Expect from a Ski Resort at Christmas

Ski resorts are already incredible places to spend a holiday, whether or not you are a self-avowed skiing enthusiast – and whether or not it happens to be Christmas. But resort destinations undeniably take on an altogether more festive air as Christmas approaches, which makes them all the more wonderful to behold.

You can expect the regular trappings of the Christmas season in the form of tasteful resort decorations, and a trademark oversized Christmas tree. The resort chalet offers respite from the cold in the form of indulgent log fires, while the outsides often boast extravagant ice sculptures to beckon you in. Each resort is different, but many have Christmas events and gatherings to ring in the holiday – helping to facilitate that familiar feeling of festive togetherness.

Great European Ski Resorts

Lets Gets, France

Lets Gets is one of 13 resorts that describe the Portes du Soleil, or Doors of the Sun – an Alpine stretch between Geneva and Mont Blanc with some of the most arresting slopes in the region. It is one of the smaller resorts, and a village with a population only just into four figures. What better form is there for ski holidays in France than spending Christmas than a traditional Alpine village? Lets Gets is also a notably family-friendly resort, with simple slopes accessible for all ages.

Zell am See, Austria

Zell am See is a lake town just south of Salzburg, and a gateway to the exciting slopes of Mt. Schmittenhöhe. The resort is naturally magical in its own right, but the town also springs to festive life in the run-up to Christmas with local traditions like the Christmas Tree Dive, and the Krampus Procession!

Megève, France

Megève is a portal to Mont Blanc, and one of the quietest ones you will ever find. It is another Alpine village, and one which benefits greatly for being so underrated in comparison to larger resorts. As well as some incredible descents from Mont Blanc, Megève offers access to some of the most amazing views – giving you the opportunity to enjoy Christmas in true Alpine style.

Best Ski Resorts to Spend Christmas in Europe | Megève

Best Ski Resorts to Spend Christmas in Europe | Megève


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