Mykonos is a perfectly quintessential Greek island and a beautiful destination that everyone should have on their bucket lists. Situated in the Cyclades, this small island is iconic, with Instagram worthy views around every corner. White-washed stone alleys, picturesque churches, scenic windmills, charming blue shutters and plenty of attractive dining options can be found in the lovely Mykonos Town. Whether you’re there to relax or party your nights away, everyone leaves Mykonos wishing they had more time to spend on the island.


Delicious Greek Food

In Mykonos, you can find a little bit of everything to suit every palette; if you’re looking for authentic Greek street food or the height of luxury dining, you’ll be able to find the perfect restaurant for you. As you’ll be on a Greek island, expect most restaurants to serve classic Greek dishes such as pastitsio, gyros and moussaka. You’ll also be able to try food that is local to the island, like louza, which is a dish made from sliced pork, or kopanisti, which is a delectably spicy cheese perfect for sipping wine as you look out onto the ocean.

Fresh seafood is always on the menu for the island of Mykonos; be sure to try local delicacies such as the octopus. If you’re meat-free, there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan restaurants on the island offering outstanding food; check out the reviews for one of the most popular restaurants in Mykonos that caters to both vegans and vegetarians.

Luxury Accommodation

Mykonos oozes luxury, and the accommodation reflects this. There is still something for everyone, though; whether you want to rent a private villa for something peaceful and serene or enjoy the Mykonos VIP Services by staying at one of the island’s best hotels, there’s accommodation to suit every budget.

Stunning Beaches

On Mykonos, every beach has crystal clear water and golden sandy beaches straight out of a fairy tale paradise. Whether you’re after a beach party to dance and drink the night away or looking for something more family-orientated within walking distance of restaurants for lunch, Mykonos Travel Guides are available to help you navigate which beaches will suit your style. If you’d prefer to ditch your clothes to achieve a full body tan, head to Paraga beach, where you can relax without worry about developing uneven tan lines, be sure to top up the suncream though, you don’t want to burn on your more sensitive skin.

Endless Shopping

If you love shopping when on holiday, the Mykonos is the retail paradise you have been searching for all along. Everywhere you go on, Mykonos is brimming with stores begging to be explored, boasting endless markets filled with intricate treasures, boutiques and several fashion designers.

There are numerous jewellery and fashion shops to explore, with many owners keeping their doors open until midnight to give visitors ample time to browse. In the depths of their stores, you’ll find intricate and delicate jewellery and beautiful local fashion styles; these make perfect presents for yourself or to take back home to your loved ones. Souvenir shops are also plentiful on Mykonos, selling locally made crafts and trinkets alongside postcards to send back home.

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