The top of Sydney Harbour Bridge offers 360 degrees of unforgettable, with BridgeClimb.

Millions have climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge since it was officially launched as a permanent experience in October 1998, and the views from the top of the “coat hanger” include the iconic Sydney State Opera House and even the Blue Mountains on a clear day.

Climbs depart at dawn, during the day, at twilight and during the night, and each offers a different experience for those brave enough to scale the bridge in (up to) a three and a half hour climb to the summit.

Early morning climbs mean you get to watch Sydney wake, and experience night turn into day from the best vantage point in this beautiful, natural harbour. You’ll begin your ascent under cover of darkness, reaching the top as the sun begins its own climb into the gradually-lightening sky.

Nighttime climbs present a twinkling panorama of the city, while the day time climbs provide an uninterrupted view of the busy metropolis. Twilight once again allows climbers to witness the passage of time as Sydney’s daytime buzz gives way to an iridescent hum as its nighttime personality comes to life.  

Dawn and dusk photos from the top will be bathed in the soft dawn light, and it’s definitely a time for romance! Proposals can be arranged in advance, making use of the Engagement Ring Device (a way to get to the summit without losing it), and a code phrase for the proposer to make sure the surprise remains a surprise. You can even get married at the top, with the world (well, Sydney) at your feet.

There are three climbs available.

The BridgeClimb Sampler, lasts an hour and a half, and includes 556 steps to a point approximately half way to the top.

Access the summit from below on the BridgeClimb Express: 1,002 steps, ascending through the inner arch and lasting around two and a quarter hours.

The BridgeClimb is three and a half hours, four ladders, 1,332 steps and a climb along the outer arch to the summit.

Check you meet the minimum requirements to participate in a bridge climb: age, height, medical conditions and health and safety exceptions to avoid disappointment.

All you need to bring with you are comfortable, enclosed shoes and sunglasses. Everything else is provided by the climb team, ensuring health and safety, and your comfort – you’ll get outdoor gear based on the local weather conditions.

Arrive early to explore the Climb Base, and present yourself at least 15 minutes before your climb.

Prepare for the climb of your life!

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