Egypt is a North African country, teeming with culture and rich history; think the sphinx and pyramids. Egypt is a perfect option if you plan on a well-needed vacation. This nation has amassed an awe-inspiring 7000 years, worth of civilization and history, which cannot be said for a majority of the countries in the world.

Apart from the magnificent ancient attractions, Egypt is rich in exciting activities, unique cultures, food, traditions, and amazing people. Regardless of your traveling preferences and what you enjoy seeing on your vacations, there is something for you. Here is a list of places you should visit while in Egypt.

Visit Giza

Giza is among the most famous destinations in Egypt, with the richest history. You have probably heard of the giant Pharaonic pyramids in Giza. Apart from being home to these architectural wonders, it also holds one of the most outstanding achievements in ancient Egypt, paper invention.

Early Egyptians made their writing materials from papyrus tree pulp. The papyrus still grows along the Nile to date. When you visit the Papyrus Institute, based in Giza, where the pyramids are, you will get a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a demo of how the Egyptians first made their paper.

It is also interesting that papyrus is among the most popular things for tourists in Egypt. Consider buying yourself some papyrus souvenirs as a meaningful reminder of your Egypt trip.

Cruise the River Nile

There is a famous Egyptian phrase that people generally say on the mention of the Nile. It says that the Nile is a gift to Egypt. This rings true because agriculture, ancient civilization, and livelihoods thrived on the great Nile’s backbone.

There are numerous cruise options to suit varying group sizes because everyone wants a feel of the river that has sustained Egypt for millennia. If you wish to visit Aswan Dam or Cairo, you should take a cruise through the Nile and play your favourite ancient Egypt-themed slots on Slots Capital casino to these destinations.

Explore Islamic Cairo

Cairo is a city rich in Islamic culture, and this can be seen by the many mosques scattered all over different neighborhoods of Cairo. The mosques were constructed during different eras hundreds of years ago. These eras represent the various kingdoms that reigned during each particular period.

Although the mosques are all Islamic buildings, each one is special. That is because they each represent architectural masterpieces, attracting people from around the globe. When you visit an Islamic city, you will leave with a deeper understanding of this culture.

Tour the Egyptian Museum

Another thing you could do while in Egypt is visit the Cairo museum. Witnessing the tombs, ancient temples, and pyramids from their early civilization is probably the most important thing to do while in Egypt. This museum hosts the most extensive collection of artifacts recovered from the ruins throughout the country.

The museum’s collection comprises the cursed gold from Tutankhamun’s tomb, real mummies, as well as 165 000 additional artifacts. To have a better adventure in the museum, you should hire a local guide who will show you around. So, you won’t regret missing out on some of the treasures of ancient history but instead, be left with fond memories.

What clothes should you pack for your Egypt trip?

If you are currently racking your mind over what clothes to wear to your great Egypt adventure, there’s a way to simplify this. When visiting Egypt, whether you’re a man or woman, the first words on your mind should be conservative and calm. Summer temperatures can hit a high of 500C and don’t always drop at night.

Even in winter, the temperatures are fairly high though they typically drop dramatically at night. So you should wear fabrics like cotton and linens, which will keep you cool when it is very hot but also keep you warm when layered during those chilly nights. Also, Egypt is a majority Muslim country, so you should consider dressing conservatively.

For women

While there is no law prohibiting certain clothing items, it’s important to remember that Egypt is a Muslim nation and conservative. So Muslim women will dress differently from how those in western countries do. Therefore, you will save yourself from numerous uncomfortable situations by dressing appropriately. Here are some clothes to pack:

  • Wide linen or cotton t-shirts that cover your shoulders.
  • A handkerchief or scarf to cover your hair when visiting the mosques.
  • Airy baggy pants that reach your knees.

For men

In Egypt, men also cover up, so you should be keen on covering up while keeping cool.

  • Long pants that don’t show your body parts, especially if you intend to visit public locations or mosques.
  • Light short-sleeved shirts that cover the shoulders.

Both men and women should look for comfortable walking shoes since you’ll be walking around a lot. It is also wise to carry a jacket or coat for the nights when the temperatures are lower. Don’t forget your glasses either!

Take away

These activities and visits will make your journey to Egypt worthwhile and unforgettable. Be sure to visit other important places and explore the country, depending on how much time you have, for a first-class experience of Egypt’s amazing culture.

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