It’s no secret – many of us love to party. In fact, for some, this is the main motivation for travelling to new countries in the first place; experiencing a new city or country through its nightlife can make for a pretty unique way to get to know a culture that’s different to your own, too.

We’ve all heard over and over how the party scenes in Berlin, Prague, and Budapest are to die for. And, in fact, there might be a case to be made for these cities being somewhat overrated at this point, at least as far as their nightlife is concerned. So, in this article, we’ll be going over five of Europe’s most underrated places to party.

Background: Party Culture Across the Globe

Partying is a pretty big deal in just about every country on planet Earth. What’s more, partying can look very different from place to place, with some gatherings being incredibly exclusive, secretive events. One example might be Max Rubin’s secret Blackjack Ball, which takes place every year; it’s no surprise that the inside scoop of the secret ball is of such interest to so many of us, given how exclusive the event is.

Nevertheless, this is obviously not the case for the majority of parties. In fact, they can be a great way to bring people together across cultural and economic boundaries and lines. You might meet someone at a party who you’d never cross paths within your day-to-day life and end up becoming incredibly close with them as a result.

Some countries are far better known for their party scenes than others, though. You hear plenty of discussion about Carnival in Brazil, for example, it seems clear that most South American countries know how to have fun!

Certain cities are also very famous for their nightlife. For example, Barcelona has a real reputation for being a great place for a hen’s night; the city has an incredible assortment of bars and clubs for revellers to choose from. What’s more, compared to much of the rest of Europe, it’s also on the more affordable side, despite being the largest city in Spain; this adds, no doubt, to Barcelona’s appeal as a hen party destination.

Of course, different cultures have very different stances on drinking and what might constitute ‘fun’ more generally; this has its own impact on each country’s party scene. For example, it’s generally frowned upon to drink during the week in much of Scandinavia, so you’ll likely find the nightlife in these places dead unless it’s the weekend.

Europe’s Secret Best Party Cities

This list covers what we consider to be some of the most underrated party destinations in all of Europe. If you’re looking for a nightlife experience that is more unique than just going to Berlin for the weekend, then maybe one of these cities will be the perfect place for you!

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

For a country that is home to more sheep than people, you’d be forgiven for assuming that there’s not a whole lot to do in terms of nightlife. And, while the Faroe Islands’ capital, Tórshavn, is one of the smallest in the world, it’s far from boring!

While somewhat conservative, Faroe Islanders, overall, love to drink; it’s a major part of the culture. As a result of this, Tórshavn has a surprisingly varied nightlife scene; you’ll find craft beer bars, music venues, nightclubs, pubs, and plenty of people who are more than ready to share the party with you.

Brighton, United Kingdom

Located on the UK’s south coast, Brighton is about an hour away from London by train. This historic seaside resort has become something of a university town and has a uniquely bohemian feel to it; pubs and quirky bars abound across the city.

Besides, there’s nothing quite like stumbling out of a club in the early hours of the morning to the sight of the sun rising over the sea. If you’re open to the idea of a slightly less typical night out in a charming, laid-back city, then Brighton is almost guaranteed to be the place for you!

Dublin, Ireland

While certainly on the smaller side, Dublin, the capital of Ireland, boasts some absolutely incredible bars and pubs. Here, you can sample fresh Guinness and take in traditional Irish folk music; while it’s not quite the same as going to Berghain, if you’re eager to experience venues and nightlife that have a distinctly traditional, folky feel to them, then you might want to consider travelling to Dublin for your next holiday.

Seville, Spain

As one of Spain’s larger cities, Seville has plenty to offer visitors in terms of clubs and bars. With that being said, it has far more of a relaxed vibe than Barcelona and is decidedly less touristy; it’s also known for being especially welcoming towards LGBT+ travellers.

Belgrade, Serbia

Nicknamed ‘the white city’ after its iconic fortress, Belgrade has an absolutely thriving nightlife scene. No matter if you visit the city during the summer or winter, there’s an incredible amount to do and see after dark; so, what are you waiting for?



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