If you want to experience fine dining in Michelin-starred restaurants, you’ve got to be prepared to spend some money. But the restaurants we’re about to cover will make your wallet grow legs and make a run for it!

These are some of the most expensive restaurants in the world…

5.) Ithaa, Maldives

Ithaa is located just over 16 feet below the surface and is essentially a giant underwater restaurant surrounded with 180-degree views of coral reefs. Here, you can enjoy a six-course tasting menu accompanied with champagnes as all kinds of exotic marine life swim around and over you; talk about a restaurant with a view! The menu consists of dishes such as Malossol Imperial caviar, and beurre blanc foam. The six-course option will set you back around $320 per person which doesn’t even include the 10% service charge, or 8% tax per person. Ouch!

4.) Aragawa, Tokyo

Aragawa in Tokyo is a truly exquisite place specialising in high-end dining. Its highlight is its purebred Tajima cattle which are raised in the Sanda region of Hyogo Prefecture for 28 months. To be selected as Sanda beef, the cattle must meet very specific criteria according to the restaurant. For an extravagant beef experience, prices for a meal can cost up to $370 per person!

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3.) Maison Pic, Valence, France

This legendary restaurant in France has three Michelin stars. Anne-Sophie Pic is currently the chef, as was her father, and her grandfather before her. Here you can enjoy a decadent experience where you can pick from the Collection Pic menu which will cost you around $445 per person. Annie-Sophie Pic is famous for the unique twists she puts on her signature dishes.

2.) Masa, New York City

Masa is a luxury dining experience located in the heart of New York City in the Time Warner Centre. It is run by highly talented chef, Masa Takayama and he offers a tasting menu that costs close to $450 per person before tax, service, and beverages. If you decide to cancel a reservation here, you could be charged $200 per person. However, the food here is simply fantastic and it’s perfect for the ultimate Japanese experience.

1.) Kitcho, Kyoto, Japan

Award-winning chef, Kunio Tokuoka, runs the most expensive dining experience in Japan. Kitcho is a stunningly designed restaurant and every dish served to a customer is believed to be a true work of art. A meal at this remarkable establishment will set you back almost $600 per person, but according to Tokuoka, it’s worth every single penny.

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