The prestigious city of Houston is one of the most-visited cities in the United States. Houston hosts 22.3 million visitors annually and is ranked the country’s 4th tourist city in the country. Now, while visiting Texas and the more specifically—the city of Houston, what are the few things you need to do. Also, what are the places you need to visit? 

This article is a Houston destination guide to help you tour the city and enjoy your vacation. Ensure to check them out and visit any of the listed places you’d wish to. 

If you’re ready to see the things to do and places to visit in Houston, let’s go.

Places and Things to do in Houston 

View amazing Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts is the biggest cultural organisation that hosts over 70,000 artefacts on Latin American and American art, respectively. In addition to these collections, the “Museum of Fine Arts” at No 1001 Bissonnet St contains and exhibits European paintings, modernised sculptures, and other art exhibitions. You don’t want this opportunity to elude you on your next trip to Houston. 

Keep a date with the animals 

One place to visit is the great Zoo in Houston. There is even a children’s zoo to explore if you come with your little ones. At the Houston zoo, you’ll find lots of animals that you’ve heard about, seen, or never knew existed. Animals in the zoo are above 6000 and you can enjoy feeding some of them or watching them from a safe distance. 

Herman Park

Herman Park is undoubtedly one of the most unique relaxations and tourist centres in Houston. The serene park is located close by to the city’s largest Museum and is endowed with several amazing sights. These include the Miller Outdoor Theatre, The Japanese Garden, and the railroad you will be thrilled to tour through.

Buffalo Bayou Park

Buffalo Park is one of the largest tourism centres in the entire city and all of America. It is located at 1800 Allen Pkwy and Memorial Dr, Houston. There are many things to do there a whole day. You can soak in the sun walking, playing, enjoying the calm, or visiting the dog park. Anything to keep you occupied a whole day is at this park and it welcomes both solo visitors and family visitors. 

View the legendary waterfalls 

You’ll never get tired of watching the white and pure water cascading down the sculptures and walls. Imagine a view of 46,500 sq. ft. of water falling from a 64ft. wall without spilling all over the place.  That’s what the Gerald Hines creation offers every Houston visitor. It’s a great sight and you can locate it at No 2800 Post Oak Houston 

Downtown Aquarium

Another place to visit is No410 Bagby Str. Houston where the legendary Downtown Aquarium occupies. Once there, you won’t lack things to do. You can enjoy the foods at the restaurant, watch the exhibit known as the “White Tiger Exhibit” enjoy the Shark Voyage or other attractions available for visitors. An Aquarium that contains 500,000 gallons of water is worth visiting in Houston. 

Dine and Wine

You can’t visit Houston and fail to enjoy the special dishes from gourmet chefs in the State. There are all kinds of dishes, including Mexican dishes, Asian dishes, Latin American dishes, and others. Take a trip to downtown Houston to enjoy the Oaxaca flavours or even the dishes from the “One Fifth Southern Comfort”. There is also “Vibrant” where all the healthy-conscious eaters can find everything they need to enjoy their day. 

Shop and Eat at the Galleria 

Don’t go home without a visit to the Galleria where you can eat and buy special items to take home. This tourist attraction occupies 2.4 million sq. ft. filled with restaurants and stores. You can find all the popular brands in this location including, our beloved Gucci and Chanel. So, don’t miss a day at the Galleria.  


There are many places and things to do in Houston. The city has everything a visitor will need to stay active and happy. So, you can start from the Art Museum, Visit the Zoo, Take a walk at the parks and shop, eat and visit the animals with ease. 

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