It’s no secret that Paris is perhaps one of the world’s most photogenic cities; every street corner has something worth snapping, making it one of the most Instagrammable places – but you can’t spend your entire trip looking through the lense of a camera? So, we’ve identified Paris as one ’ most instagrammable places – these are the photos that will make your followers immensely jealous, and also the ones you’ll look back on in the years to come…

Here’s where you can capture the most iconic and beautiful shots of the world’s most romantic city;

Pont Alexandre lll

This is one of Paris’ most ornate bridges; it’s decorated a beautiful pastel blue hue with cherubs, nymphs, and grandiose lampposts. Thousands of Instagram images and selfies are posted from the bridge every day – and they’re absolutely stunning. Standing on the left bank with the bridge behind makes for the best snap.

The Louvre Courtyard

The best place to capture the true elegance of the Louvre is from its courtyard in front of the pyramid. In this shot, you can bring new and old together as the modern glass pyramid sits in the foreground, while the historic and beautiful former palace is behind.

Place de Trocadéro

This is the perfect location to capture a truly iconic photo of Paris and it’s perfectly framed Eiffel Tower. It’s often overcrowded with tourists desperately trying to get that perfect shot with their selfie stick – so try and visit during off-peak hours if you don’t want your pic ruined by photo-bombers. Sunrise is your best bet, plus it makes a simply beautiful image behind the tower making this worthy of being in our list of most Instagrammable places.

Pont des Arts

This bridge is nicknamed the bridge of Arts, and it links the Institut de France and the Louvre museum. However, it has recently earned the name Lover’s Bridge due to couples attaching padlocks to it and then throwing away its key into the Seine – it’s a traditional declaration of love. Sadly, the padlocks were recently removed and the act is no longer allowed – still, it’s a beautiful spot to capture a gorgeous photo.

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Sacré Coeur

This stunningly white dome can be spotted from all over the city – it makes for the perfect photo and the best shot can be taken from the bottom of its stairs looking up at it.

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