This was my third visit to Lviv, Ukraine, but my first during the winter months… Full of character, charm, culture and history, Lviv is unique and like no other place I have visited and i truly adored Rynok Square! The people hold onto great heritage and there is a sense of togetherness amongst locals. People seemed nice and although there was a lack of English being spoken, I felt welcomed.

In my opinion, Lviv is certainly a culture shock so if you want to break out of your usual surroundings I’d certainly recommend this wonderful city. If you are visiting Ukraine for the first time and you do not speak the language I would certainly recommend a local guide – not only will this help you get around and ensure you are using the correct rules you will also be guided to the best places you might miss otherwise!

Take for example 36Po Restaurant located in Rynok Square which is easily missed. This restaurant has stunning decor including a huge fish tank (with a shark in it) which is two floors high, a self-playing piano, seriously stylish furniture, a cigar room and a roof terrace overlooking Rynok Square. This place oozes style and sophistication.

Lviv is a really wonderful city with lots to discover including key tourist attractions such as Rynok Square, Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet, Potocki Palace, Dormition Cathedral and its very own Pharmacy museum!

I was fortunate enough to see thick snow whilst I visited and the market next to Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet, and Rynok Square felt so Christmassy with a huge tree, lots of stalls, mulled wine, music, ice skating… A perfect winter wonderland. ┬áJust make sure to take warm clothing and a woolly hat is a must! It was -7 degrees when I visited but it can get much colder so get that mulled wine into your system.

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